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The Big House
The Big House (1930)
9 minutes ago via Flixster

Since I like old black & white prison movies so much I expected to like this movie as well but I couldn't get into it.For me it was just OK.Right from the start I felt like I was watching it just to be watching it.Things didn't get exciting until the very end with the failed escape & shoot out.It was the only time I was able to get into the movie but there was only like 10 minutes left so it really didn't matter.During the riot I can't believe they brought out a couple of tanks.I was NOT expecting that.It had me wondering if there were ever any actual prison riots where tanks were used to bring the prison back to order.A thing I thought that was interesting was the inmate that escaped, went straight on the outside & seemed like he would've stayed that way if he wasn't captured & sent back, fell right back into place on the inside, the inmate who I thought would never let prison change him, ended up changing in the end & the main inmate you knew there was no hope for, he was never going to change.I'm not sure The Big House is a movie I'd recommend.It got alot of good reviews I just wasn't into it.

Courier of Death
3 days ago via Flixster

You have to LOVE bad movies in order to sit through this movie.If you don't love bad movies I don't think you'll be able to sit through the entire thing.I LOVE BAD movies but I almost didn't make it through

The Dead Undead
4 days ago via Flixster

If you like Action, If you like Horror, If you like Vampires, If you like Zombies, If you like Vampire Zombies, then you'll like The Dead Undead.If you only enjoy big budget Zombie/Vampire flicks, then this is NOT the movie for you.The Dead Undead is a low budget Horror flick that is surprisingly good (For shooting this movie on a 1 million dollar budget, they did a pretty good job) When I 1st started watching, I wasn't expecting to like it at all but as it went along, it just got better & better.There was a ton of shooting going on with a few explosions which was pretty awesome.I especially enjoyed the individual stories of how the good vampires came to be (Where was the story of Jack?) It was a nice touch & it added to the movie.I really have no complaints.I would hope there would be at least a sequel because of the way it ended but since this movie was made in 2010 & it's now 2017, I don't see it happening.If I can find it on the cheap I wouldn't mind adding it to my DVD collection.If you get a chance to see The Dead Undead, give it a look.You might be surprised

The Horde
The Horde (2016)
6 days ago via Flixster

I don't think I'd ever buy or watch The Horde again but it was a pretty decent movie.It had an 80-90's action/horror flick vibe to it that was definitely something different.

Hangar 18
Hangar 18 (1980)
8 days ago via Flixster

I was flipping through, looking for something to watch & I came across this movie.I'm not normally into movies about outer space, UFO's & stuff like that but after seeing all the names that were in it, Gary Collins, Robert Vaughn, Joseph Campanella but most of all, Darren McGavin (Sorry if I forgot anybody else) I knew I had to check it out.Hangar 18 turned out to be pretty good (Kinda makes you wonder, what do they know that they don't want us to know? Know what I'm saying?) It was interesting to see the outside & inside of the ship, everybody trying to figure out how & what made it work, the 2 astronauts who were accused of causing the accident trying to clear their names & the officials doing everything they can to keep the UFO under wraps.The best part of the movie had to be the ending, the twist within a twist.I also read on IMDB that in 1983 Hangar 18 was released under the name Invasion Force which had an alternate ending.I wouldn't mind seeing the alternate ending but if I don't, no bother.Hangar 18 isn't a movie I'd buy but it is worth watching, if you're a fan of extraterrestrial movies or not