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3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Omg Oh My God!

Omg Oh My God!(2012)

This is a film wherein the 'concept' is more powerful than the movie and the characters. The adaptation from a Gujrati play is pretty good and Paresh Rawal seems very 'real'. Primarily because he is a good actor, secondarily because he has played this character umpteenth times in the aforesaid play, and thus he seems to understand the character to the core. Akshay Kumar as God is different and as usual has a commanding presence. Hats off to him to manage to not appear like a fool, which is highly probable with such roles. I am sure that Mithun in his wildest of dreams never imagined that he would ever play a 'gay type' God man. Also, the whole character was neither funny nor believable.

Now the concept - the film is majorly based upon the atrocities bestowed upon the mankind by the mankind (read God Men) in the name of God and relegion. Towards the end, it has been rightly pointed in the movie about the sad fact that, in general people do, what they do, out of FEAR and not LOVE for God.