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WarGames (War Games)

WarGames (War Games)(1983)

My dad remembers seeing this film in the theaters with my mom when they were still dating. That was exactly 30 years ago, since this year sparks the 30th anniversary of this classic thriller. Now, how does it hold up today? I would say pretty well. Sure, the Soviet Union might be broken up now and tensions aren't as tight as they were, but this film still sent chills up my spine during the climax. Matthew Broderick delivers a great performance as a young whiz kid named David, who finds out about a new series of games coming from a company called Protovision. He tracks the number and a series of computer databases pop up. He clicks the first one that has anything to do with gaming and plays a game called Global Thermonuclear War. Little does he know that he's hacked into a governement War Games simulation machine known as WOPR, and now NORAD has no idea if what's occuring on screen is really happening or something that the computer is simulating. WarGames was an exciting experience for me. There were many things that were terrifying. The plot gets hard to predict at points, which is a good thing! I don't want to know what happens next for myself! I highly recommend that people see WarGames. It has a great amount of 80s nostalgia that will entice everyone that lived in that period and entertain those who lived further than it.