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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Seed of Chucky

Seed of Chucky(2004)

Let me get one thing straight here. I enjoyed the film that came before this, Bride of Chucky. I felt that it had the perfect balance of comedy and pacing to make the film very enjoyable. This film, however, is the complete opposite of that. Sure, there's some decent kills in it (particularly in the opening scene), but most of the film is just a bad comedy with unfunny jokes. I did laugh a couple of times at some of the horror movie references, but other than those, this film just isn't as enjoyable as Bride was. Plus, the whole plot with Glen/Glenda was just too weird for my taste. I know that it's supposed to be a reference to Psycho, but it just didn't work in this film. I did enjoy Brad Douriff though as Chucky. There's not much that he does here that makes the film enjoyable, but when he finally does hit something (whether it be a good joke or a good kill), it works really well. In the end, just skip Seed of Chucky and see Bride of Chucky instead. This film just tries to cash in on the success that its predecessor had, but just doesn't do it too well.