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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead(1985)

After watching George Romero's second smash hit, Dawn of the Dead, I decided to see if he could go 3 for 3 in the next sequel, Day of the Dead. Sadly to say, it doesn't live up to the greatness of Night and Dawn. Day of the Dead follows a group of army men and scientists who now live in a world where zombies are the dominant species. Meanwhile, the humans are hiding underground, trying to figure out how and why people are becoming zombies and to see if there's a cure. However, a scientist that's referred to as "Frankenstein" wants to see if he can domesticate them instead, as shown with his biggest success "Bub." I felt that Day of the Dead was an okay entry into Romero's historic franchise. It had an interesting premise, but I felt that it fell a little bit flat. For one thing, there are some characters that REALLY got on my nerves, such one guy who was laughing like a hyena. Also, I hated the amount of dream sequences in this film from the heroine. There might have been only three, but I still felt them to be a bit unnecessary. The thing that I did like about the film though was Tom Savini's special effects, the best in the series at that time. The kills are pretty gory and show the strength of the zombies as a team, seeing that they're able to rip a whole body in half. All in all, Day of the Dead is an okay watch, I just don't think that people will be hurrying to see it again once the end credits roll.