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Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave

Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave(2005)

FINALLY!!! A sequel to Return of the Living Dead that didn't make me want to gouge my eyes out! After seeing that fourth film, I thought that this series had already doomed itself to be one of the worst series I have ever seen. Sure the original was great, but I was hoping for at least ONE good sequel. I finally got that with Rave to the Grave, the latest and hopefully final installment in this series. The film takes place directly after Necropolis as Uncle Charlie tries to sell the original vat of Trioxin to a group of people. When the exchange goes wrong and causes Charlie to bite the dust, his nephew Julian is informed of his death. Grief stricken and now orphaned, Julian goes to his parent's house where him, his brother, and his uncle lived together where he finds a secret door leading to the last two vats of Trioxin stolen by Charlie. Wondering what the material is, he takes it to his friend Cody along with DJ Jeremy. While testing it, Jeremy thinks that it's some kind of drug and tries it to see if he can get high. When the serum takes effect, he seems fine and Cody sees this as an opportunity to make money in the drug business. Jeremy also decides to bring the newly created drug "Z" to his rave in order for his guests to have a good time. Little do any of them know that the drugs do have a deadly effect that will make people crave brains. Rave to the Grave is definitely the best sequel to Return of the Living Dead, but this is putting it mildly. It's still not a good movie, but I felt that this came the closest to capturing the fun and excitement of the first film. The acting is still atrocious in this film, with lines that seemed forced and unbelievable when spoken. Most of the humor is dry in this film. The screenwriters tried so hard to create good jokes so that it could appeal to audiences, but it just came off as bland. The only time that I remember really laughing out loud was the little scene with Tarman (who thankfully returns and makes a pretty good cameo) on the interstate. It created a good little chuckle for me and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, this film once again carries over what Necropolis sets up, saying that these zombies can be killed with a shot to the head. I really wish that they could have changed this because I liked how the first three films set up that the zombies couldn't die unless incinerated. It made them more threatening and interesting to watch. The use of the shoot them in the head cliché just makes this seem like a generic zombie film. The fun in this film doesn't really start kicking in until the actual rave when most of the kids become zombies. It's the best scene in the movie because it's fun to see the huge hoard of zombies attacking everyone and creating exciting chaos that made me grin with excitement. Rave to the Grave is hardly a perfect film, but I did enjoy it for what it was despite being a bad movie. I did enjoy it better than the other sequels and, while not being the best of the series, certainly takes home the award for best ROTLD sequel. If you've made it this far into the series and have been sorely disappointed by the films, give this one a shot. It's the last in the series and will at least leave a small smile on your face.