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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Star Trek

Star Trek(2009)

Space...the final frontier. This reboot chronicles the lives of the Starship Enterprise as they quest through the stars to stop a villain named Nero, who poses a dangerous threat to planets. When I first saw this film in the theaters, I had never seen any Star Trek film or TV episode. To this day, I've only seen bits and pieces of the older films. After seeing this again tonight to gear up for Star Trek Into Darkness this weekend, I think I'm going to need to revisit the originals because the stories are so interesting. If you're new to Star Trek, you don't need to come into the film as a huge Trekkie. Even though this has the same characters and a fantastic cameo from the original show's most beloved actors, it establishes a new take on the story, hence the term "reboot." The acting among the new cast is terrific, especially the banter between Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto as Kirk and Spock. The way that they interacted was so interesting to watch and never created a dull moment. The action in this film pretty much defines a summer film with some really impressive visuals and intense action sequences. There's not really many time differences between the set up scenes and the action filled moments. If I had to complain about ANYTHING from this amazing film, it would be that I felt the villain, while not bad, was a bit weak. He did pose a serious threat to planets, but not in a way that made me fear him. Star Trek is an example of a reboot of a classic series done right. If you're thinking about seeing Into Darkness this weekend, make sure that you see this first! J. J. Abrams did a magnificent job recreating a classic.