AndrewDavis' Rating of Footloose

Andrew's Review of Footloose

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


When I saw the original Footloose, I thought that it was a really fun and cheesy film. Then I heard about the remake coming to theaters. I skipped it so that I could see The Thing instead. Now that I've finally seen the remake to Footloose, here's my opinion about it. It starts out really strong by playing the Kenny Loggins version of the song "Footloose" at a dance party. It instantly had the essence of the original by making it fun and really goofy. Then it shows something that we didn't see in the original and I really liked it, which was the crash on the bridge that was the cause for the ban on dancing. It had a serious overtone to it, and I really liked it. However, here's when the film started to feel flat. The serious overtone spreads all throughout the film, making Footloose way too serious and not fun like the original. There are some fun moments in the film that made me pretty happy, like the school bus race (would have preferred a game of Chicken, but what are you going to do) and teaching Willard to dance (preferred the original version better, but it was still fun). Other than that, the film was pretty drab. Plus, I wasn't a fan of the soundtrack for this film either. The new version of the song "Footloose" is okay, but it sounds incredibly flat. Also, I absolutely HATED the cover for "Holding Out For a Hero." It only proves my point that the film is too drab and not fun like the original. Another issue is that some of the music didn't fit with some of the scenarios in the film, as if the editor decided to stick a random song into the scene. The worst case of this was the scene when Ren was dancing in the factory because the song just didn't feel like it fit into the scene. The only character that really stood out to me was Willard. He was such a funny character and the only one that was reminiscent of the original. Overall, Footloose the remake is not really worth the time. It's just another pointless remake that you'll instantly forget about two hours after seeing the film.