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Andrew's Review of Frankenweenie

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Tim Burton returns to the animated world he created back in the 90's with his latest film, Frankenweenie. Based on the original short film that he made in his early film career, the story follows a boy named Victor Frankenstein whose dog has recently died. Inspired by his latest science teacher, he decides to try a little experiment, shocking the lifeless corpse of his dog, Sparky, and bring him back to life. The experiment is a success and Victor is reunited with his best friend. However, word soon gets out about what he's done and kids around school begin bringing life back to dead animals, with terrifying consequences, therefore proving what Jud Crandall said in Pet Sematary. Sometimes, dead is better. Upon first viewing of the trailer, I was originally unimpressed. I knew that Tim Burton was known for making some really weird things, but I felt that this film would cross the line. However, thankfully, it didn't. The only exception of weirdness that I saw was the girl with the huge eyes. She got on my nerves, but fortunately she's not too big of a role in the film. What I loved most about Frankenweenie were the numerous classic horror movie references made throughout the film. Frankenstein was the most obvious but some others included Bride of Frankenstein, The Mummy, Godzilla, and Creature of the Black Lagoon (just to name a few). I also love the fact that the film was made in black and white. It added to the homage of the classic horror films and made it even more enjoyable. The only other issue I had with the film was the ending. It seemed to make the film have too much of a happy ending. Other than that, Frankenweenie is something that will make a great Halloween tradition and is a real treat for fans of horror films.