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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Wreck-it Ralph

Wreck-it Ralph(2012)

When I first saw the trailer to Wreck-It Ralph, I was instantly hooked and committed to seeing this in the theaters. It has an interesting premise about a video game bad guy who, after 30 years of wrecking the same building and losing over and over, decides to be the good guy for once. Soon, he starts going to different video games, trying to be the hero for once in his life. Wreck-It Ralph is easily the best animated film this year (just surpassing Madagascar 3 and easily beating out Brave). The film has so much heart in it and a great amount of adventure that will keep everyone entertained for the full runtime. It was also fun to see some familiar characters in this, such as Sonic and Eggman. However, they're not the main focus in this film. They're more like little cameos that are seen throughout the film. The only gripe I have about this film is when we're first introduced to Vanellope. Although I was able to grow on her as the film progressed, she started out completely annoying! However, the film is still able to shine, despite this tiny little flaw. Wreck-It Ralph is a fun piece of nostalgia that will please any video game fan and moviegoer.