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Andrew's Review of V/H/S

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


I think I've mentioned this enough times in my reviews that I'm not the largest fan of "found footage" movies (i.e. Paranormal Activity, The Devil Inside, etc.). However, what drew me to V/H/S was the fact that it was an anthology horror film, which I absolutely love. In fact, one of my favorite horror movies (if you can call it that) is George A. Romero's Creepshow. This film follows a group of vandals that are searching for a certain video tape (we never know what it is exactly). In the house where they believe it is, there's a whole stock pile of tapes and each person takes a turn watching them, but only five are shown. The first video follows a group of men whose adventure to find a one night stand turns bloody and violent (It was alright, but not really that scary). The second documents a married couple who are tormented by a mysterious figure (Worst story in the collection). The third chronicles a group of friends tormented by a killer that can only be seen through a video camera (Better than the first two, but a cheap slasher story). The fourth is a series of Skype video chats between a boyfriend and girlfriend in which the girl is seeing strange things in her new apartment (It has a great set-up, but the ending is really confusing). The final story follows four men who are going to a Halloween party, but end up in the wrong house where some stranger occurences are happening (Easily the best of the five. There's tons of suspense that frightened me throughout the story). Inbetween each video, the vandals are slowly being picked off one-by-one as they watch the tapes. Overall, V/H/S is an interesting anthology, but it's no Creepshow. Each story takes forever to set-up (with the exception of the final story, which is pretty straight forward). Plus, since this is a found footage movie, the camera jerks around a lot and made me sick at times. Nonetheless, V/H/S is still a fun film to watch. Sure some stories are better than others, but at least it's still enjoyable. However, I highly recommend that this film be rented and not purchased, as you will not get your money's worth if you spend 20 bucks on something that you'll most likely only watch once.