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Doomed: The Untold Story Of Roger Corman's The Fantastic Four
6 days ago via Flixster

Entertaining documentary that covers the production and eventual shelving of the Roger Corman produced "Fantastic Four" film, which explores why the film was ever made, why it never got released, and how much it bummed out those involved in the production who had no idea that the film they were working on was never really meant to be released. It is funny at moments, and does answer some questions about why it was ever made...I think the doc could've used a bit of flash or something though, some of it falls flat because of boring music and editing. Could see it being a more fun documentary about this weirdo film artifact.

Fantastic Four
6 days ago via Flixster

The infamous Roger Corman production of The Fantastic Four that has still, to this day, been released in any official way (only bootlegs exist), is not a totally awful film (in the story sense), it just has pretty crummy production values, even for its day. I mean compared to even bad superhero films from the 90s, this looks awful and cheap. Looks like made for TV in the 80s. The cast is clearly giving their all, mainly because they had no idea the film was only being produced to hold onto the rights so they could make a bigger payday and take their time to sell the movie properly. Movie is good fun with a group looking for a laugh, but I doubt I'd enjoy it on my own. But isn't that usually the way with a good bad movie.

Christine (2016)
6 days ago via Flixster

I was intrigued by this movie the moment I heard of it, because I had long known of this story, so seeing it brought to life fascinated me. This is the true life story of a TV reporter who committed suicide on live TV in the 70s. The film depicts her life leading up to, and including, that event, and explores just what could lead a woman to do such a thing. He personal life is awkward and lonely, and she not only battles some kind of manic-depression, but also has a clear medical problem as well. While I thought the movie was well made, and Rebecca Hall's performance is great...I think, in the end, I might've preferred a documentary on the subject. But I suppose with the actual footage of the show not being released to the public, that might take away some of the impact in a documentary. Not that you need to see the final moment, but just those moments leading up to it, to truly feel the impact of it all. I was a solid bio-pic of an intriguing story, anchored by a great lead performance.

Colossal (2017)
17 days ago via Movies on iPhone

In this sci-fi/fantasy/monster movie, Anne Hathaway stars as a down on her luck woman who moves back to her hometown, gets a job at a bar owned by a childhood friend, and then discovers that a monster attacking Korea is actually controlled by her own actions. And when the bar owner turns out to also be a robot that moves throughout Korea, he uses his power to hold over her, threatening to destroy Seoul if she doesn't follow his every whim. It is really a movie about abusive relationships, and has one of the strongest female empowerment messages I have ever seen put on the screen (as well as its message about alcoholism and toxic relationships) without being hamfisted and overbearing about it. I thought it was a great concept for exploring a real world issue, and it managed to do it with some nuance, subtlety, and without ever getting preachy. Both Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis are great in it as well.

Lost in America
34 days ago via Movies on iPhone

A successful ad man and his wife decide to drop out society after he fails to get a bug promotion and loses his job. They liquidate their assets, buy an RV and plan to spend the rest of their lived coasting on their substantial nest egg...but the entire plan falls apart pretty quickly when his wife gambles all but $802 in Vegas. Albert Brooks and Julie Hagerty are great as the couple who want to try the Easy Rider lifestyle with no way of knowing how to actually accomplish that with their Yuppie sensibilities. A funny movie that satires the 80s lifestyle, but still holds up fairly well.