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Dracula Has Risen From the Grave
5 days ago via Movies on iPhone

A solid outing for Hammer and Christopher Lee in their "Dracula" series, this one seeing Dracula yet again resurrected to wreak havoc on young women. I think I liked this one better than "Dracula: Prince of Darkness," if only because at least this time Dracula speaks. It isn't as good as their original 1957 effort, but for some solid Dracula action? This'll do the palette nicely!

The Howling
The Howling (1981)
6 days ago via Flixster

Joe Dante's 1981 film "The Howling" is a great little werewolf feature. It's taken me too many years to finally watch this one, but it is good entertainment. It is probably the lesser of the 1981 werewolf films, but Dante's movie is great and original in it's own way. Great effects, an original take for a werewolf film, and just good solid horror entertainment.

Count Dracula
Count Dracula (1970)
8 days ago via Flixster

Despite trying hard to remain faithful to the source material, and even nabbing Hammer's own Dracula to play the title role, 1970's "Count Dracula" is just too slow and dull and boring to be all that interesting. Not even Lee can save this one (and he is vastly better in the Hammer pictures than he is here) just has no energy, and the threat seems to minimal. Sort of a wasted effort, because seeing Lee in a more faithful adaptation of the book should be great, but here it just isn't.

The Gate
The Gate (1987)
11 days ago via Movies on iPhone

"The Gate" is a solid horror film for 11 year a slightly (very slightly) more mature and better budgeted episode of "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" with a tinge more gross out elements than that show would have. As an intro to 80s horror for younger people? Not too shabby, and if you are an adult? It is good cheesy and light horror fun.

Tenebre (Unsane)
14 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Dario Argento's 1982 film "Tenebre" is a great balance of murder mystery and horror, and is damn good entertainment. The cast is solid but it is the direction and pacing of the thing that really keep you engaged. Every aspect of this picture seems to work, even if some lousy dubbing does take place from time to time (at least in the English-language version I saw). Definitely recommend this one!