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From the Land of the Moon (Mal de pierres)
9 days ago via Flixster

Marion Cotillard composes her character with enough sensitivity to prevent her from becoming insufferable in her selfishness, managing to make us feel sympathy for a pitiful woman who is in desperate need to surrender to her sexual urges and a love that will consume her.

Des vents contraires
11 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

BenoÓt Magimel is a good actor and the film knows how to explore its bleak, grey locations, but this is nothing but a dull and silly man's flick that lacks focus and doesn't seem to know what kind of story it actually wants to tell.

The Pit and the Pendulum
11 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Stuart Gordon does a great job again to combine horror (this time from pure human evil) and camp (even if it gets a bit too campy sometimes), benefiting from Lance Henriksen's creepy performance and offering a very nice and underrated adaptation of Poe's short story.

Miss Sloane
Miss Sloane (2016)
18 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It is certainly more interesting than one would expect from a movie about lobbying, but it also feels forced and silly at times, with an ending that is proud of its own stupidity and a protagonist who is more a caricature of the workaholic "machine woman" than an actual person.

Le Beau Serge
Le Beau Serge (1958)
18 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

If this was the first film of the French New Wave I cannot really say, but it was the first of the Chabrol's fascinating career, with great performances and a gorgeous cinematography, and presenting us a bleak portrait of human decadence in a provincial town.