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4 years ago via Flixster
The Funhouse

The Funhouse(1981)

The Funhouse definitely has some classic horror movie elements. A cast of 4 teenagers who decide to spend the night in a carnival funhouse. Good start for a premise with tons of potential. The sets were done really well and alot of the moving sets were very creepy. What was lacking was dialog, character development, and overall story. I was hoping that I would want to root for someone to live but sadly I found myself just watching the movie and wasn't invested enough in anyone. Of course, the villain's know exactly where the kids are at all times and can just pop up when and where they want. Also, everything is so conveniently placed (ie. the rope that falls and the trap door), but again, this falls into classic horror so I'm not complaining too much about it. On a side your sister yelled at you because you scared the shit out of her in the shower...let's not help her out when her life is on the line. What a little prick!