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3 years ago via Flixster


I'd describe "Gravity" as ninety tense, lyrical, nightmarish minutes, yet no one or two or even three labels can fit it. Alfonso Cuaron has purposely fashioned "Gravity" to be a first-hand (or as close to one as you can get) experience. It's a hell of a trip and then some. He's made four masterpieces in the last fifteen years, and "Gravity" is no exception; it's just the most exceptional. It'd be moot and no fun trying to describe it. Just know if you love movies, or even if you don't (don't know how you came across this, but whatever) "Gravity" is that rare beast that satisfies on all fronts, fires on all cylinders, is arty and ambitious while also being absolutely, unabashedly gripping from start to finish.

Also Sandra Bullock gives by far the greatest performance of her career here, heightening anxiety and sympathy from literally nothing but icy cold silence.

Believe the hype. "Gravity" is the whole heavenly shebang. And see it in 3D, because trust me, not even James Cameron has jack shit on the wondrously nauseating textures of this. (93/100)