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Crystal Fairy

Crystal Fairy(2013)

What a weird-ass movie "Crystal Fairy" (or "Crystal Fairy & The Magical Cactus and 2012", if you're nasty) is. Say what you will, but it stays true to the funky-ass chick at its heart, the titular (in more ways than one) character played to hippie perfection by Gaby Hoffman. You never know what she's gonna do next, be it fight a bunch of middle-aged women in a town square, grope a desert plant or worship the carcass of a rabbit. She's not "Crystal Fairy's" only weapon -- Michael Cera is as much the film's protagonist as anyone. And what a character Jaime is, one that Cera plays like some kind of miserly asshole wild card.

And yet the real success of writer-director Sebastian Silva's Chilean road trip to acid trip "comedy" is, well, first of all, you can't stick it to a single label. It's all over the place. That could be a complaint. One late third-act reveal especially is more of a shrug than anything else. Okay. "Crystal Fairy" nonetheless really surprised me. Because for a drug movie it never takes the form of fairy logic and drops the ball by externalizing a high as akin to something anyone across the board can understand. "Crystal Fairy" isn't bug-fuck nuts, and not a whole lot happens, but if I absolutely had to strip it down to its basics I'd sell it as an art house frolic through a land of beaches and narcotics that has more in common with Henry Miller and Jim Jarmusch than Jodorowsky or a Road Runner cartoon. It's got its sentiment and pretensions in all the right places. (77/100)