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The Wailing (Goksung)
1 day ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Un-be-lie-va-ble! It was really eerie, mysterious, shocking and scary Korean horror suspense! But movie was really long! (156 minutes!) and slow! So first 1 hour was like regular Asian horror movie... But it became interesting little by little. Then climax was just chilling! Lots of actors did great performances. Japanese guy was nice too. and writer/director made an unbelievably fantastic and scary modern horror! It reminded me Jesus! If you have a time, see it!

Alien: Covenant
2 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Knockout! I loved it! Ridley Scott is my favorite director and he made really fantastic new generation Alen movie! Story was really dark, dangerous, smart, thrilling, scary and shocking! Michael Fassbender played 2 cold hearted androids and he was unbelievably great! Katherine Waterston (Steve Jobbs, Fantastic Beasts) character was really strong and she reminded me Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) . Climax was exciting, scary and beautiful. and unbelievably shocking twist ending!!! It was really like first Alien and Blade Runner. White Alien was like The Descent monster and he made same sound. Jerry Goldsmith is gone... But I heard some of his wonderful scores again! Great time!

Your Name. (Kimi No Na Wa.)
7 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Japan did it again! It was unbelievably spiritual, thrilling, smart, shocking, funny, beautiful and fantastic! Climax was really really wonderful! I felt this is my destiny to watch this movie! It really touched my heart! Thank you!

The Boss Baby
The Boss Baby (2017)
8 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It was cute, colorful and fun. But story was really silly! and lots of jokes were babiesh! Alec Baldwin did fantastic voice performance. Miles Christopher Bakshi did his brother Tim's voice and he was wonderful too. and I was right! #D was really fun and exciting! So many surprise pop out 3D effects! Ending was moving and nice. But it was just a typical family movie...

A Dog's Purpose
16 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It was a cute, wonderful, touching and fantastic movie! But I don't think this is family movie. Sometimes dark, sad and ,scary. Josh God did nice dogs' narration! There are 4 very unique episodes and I liked 1 & 4. Dennis Quaid episode was heartwarming and wonderful. All dogs did great performances. I saw controversial dog abuse video before... But movie itself was supernatural and spiritual fantasy. and absolutely I was thinking about God while I was watching it. Lasse Hallstrom is a great director and his direction was wonderful. I enjoyed it!