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kyle's Review of Memento

3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


If there was ever one film that defined Nolans style it would be Memento. I cant remember (see what I did there) the last time I had a mental workout of this capacity. This is one of those movies that perfect direction and editing is required or else the plot will go into a million different directions. Nolans nails this. The movie is never slow and keeps its focus all the way through. Terrific performance by Guy Pierce too. His pulls off portraying a character who is driven by the murder of his wife yet he is always unaware of what to do next. Very subtle things like the look in his eyes if he is in a place he doesn't remember how he got there is what makes his performance great. I love the satisfaction you get seeing all the puzzle pieces slowly coming together into a very thought provoking climax.