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The Snowman
The Snowman (2017)
6 months ago via Movies on iPad

Horrible hit mess. So many characters that were t needed. This movies is like and a homemade puzzle and a bunch of the pieces clearly got lost and cut out of the final piece. You know it's bad when the director is denouncing it which is sad because they are supposed to be in control. Very disappointing. Watch the trailer instead for an amazing short film with more answers than the feature.

It (2017)
8 months ago via Movies on iPhone

IT doesn't live up to the hype. It highs high marks with humor with multiple funny lines by the kids but there are moments that are unintentionally funny in the movie and for a horror film it is just not scary at all. It tries with a handful of stereotypical jump scare moments, but beyond that it's a lot of scary music that leads to nothing and tons of blood or muck to gross you out. The lead boy can't stutter very well as evidence when a bully makes fun of him and sounds just as convincing if not better. The lone lead girl is endearing but her purpose feels like she is just filling a gender gap box - same goes with the African American boy who is obviously just a quota filler as he is totally a minor character even though this small town in the 89's probably wouldn't have had a lot of minorities in it. The kid with the glasses starts out rough but becomes more likable. The funniest kid is the hypochondriac. And again another box filled with the Jewish boy. The fat kid is also endearing but hard to believe the girl is equally into him and the lead boy too. The movie is too long and needs to be editing down. The other problem is the lack of rules for Pennywise and explanation for why every 27 years, his supernatural abilities, reason for killing kids etc. there's a lot of swearing by the kids and violence by all the kids too. The bullying is over the top and unbelievable at times. The biggest issue is that this movie is not scary at all. All clowns are scary but I still think the TV version and even the clown doll from Poltergeist is scarier. Save your money for Redbox or library borrow.