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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Identity Thief

Identity Thief(2013)

So, with a cast this good and a director who has helmed some great projects in the past, you would think that this time around, it would at least be a tad enjoyable, but this film is one non-laughable-moment away from being the worst comedy in years. With almost 2 hours to tell it's bloated "story," I chuckled maybe about 3 times throughout this movie. Once the characters are introduced at the beginning of the film, it does not seem as though it will be as dreadfully bad as it truly is, but rather enjoyable. After Melissa McCarthy's character steals Jason Bateman's ID, all hell breaks loose and a wild goose chase begins, where the film completely falls apart. "Identity Thief" is too long, unfunny, and there is absolutely no pay-off. It is a waste of your time! One of the worst I've seen in 2013!