KJProulx's Rating of Mama

KJ's Review of Mama

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Great horror films are hard to pull off nowadays, and this film is not in any way great, but I mildly enjoyed some of the weirdness of it, and the visuals weren't half bad either. This story is about two girls suffering the aftermath of their mothers death. Some ghostly figure still linger around them in hopes to become their "new Mama." It is a very strange tale that literally starts off with a title screen that says "Once upon a time." It feels like two separate films when you are watching it, due to the fact that the girls' lives are much different from their aunt and uncle who become their legal guardians. "Mama" is filled with jump scares that sometimes work and sometimes made me laugh, but the story was good enough to hold it together. It's a one and done movie, but it's not a bad one!