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KJ's Review of Monsters, Inc.

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc.(2001)

"Monsters Inc." is the type of film that no matter how old you are, the kid deep down inside you will love it. It's not just one of Pixar's best films yet, but one of the best kids films out there to date. It's fun, educational, kind of thrilling in a way, and will have you crying and smiling throughout, due to cuteness and relatability. The animators of this film take everything into account, making this look gorgeous inside and out, down to the very last hair on the Monster's bodies. The story of Monster's working to be what Monster's are known to us humans to be in a fairytale is quite amusing. It's written perfectly with just the right number of jokes and subtle moments, and the screen time of everyone is timed perfectly. I love every second of "Monster's Inc." It's definitely one of the best animated films out there!