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The Breakfast Club

Being a high school student, I have seen tons of movies with a false potrayal of teenage life. So, going into this movie, I thought it would be another rediculous exageration of what I go through daily. But I was proven wrong.
This movie gets high school spot on. The actors played each stareotype as if they were that person in real life. There are so many girls who are just like Molly Ringwald, so many Jocks like Emilio Estevez, and so many geeks like Anthony Michael Hall. But those are easy. The real success lies in the freaks.
Judd Nelson played the "bad ass" incredibly. He made his audience feel anger, empathy, and so much more. His character set the mood for the entire movie, and that is something I haven't seen very often. And then there's Ally Sheedy. It seems her performance is often overlooked because of Judd Nelson, but her portrayal of "the freak" is just as good, if not better, than Nelson's bad ass. Whenever she is on screen, she brings out the best in her cast members. The other four actors saw what she did, and that forced them to perform at their highest just to be noticed.
Overall, John Hughes created what should be considered a classic. And, over time, it may become one.