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The Stunt Man

The Stunt Man(1980)

I should have liked this more I feel. Unfortunately Steve Rainsback as the main character gives a TERRIBLE performance. He continually took me out of the movie. Every time he "plays angry," it's just so bad. Maybe a part of the problem is the writing for his character, I can't tell for sure, but I can't remember the last time I hated a character so much due in large part to an actor with such a major role. His performance infects the whole movie; I can't tell if Barbara Hershey was bad as well, if the script was bad to awful, or if its all due to Railsback's performance crippling the movie. Peter O'Toole was still pretty good, and the direction was good despite some weird choices (probably in relation to the script). I think this movie could officially signify the end of the "Vietnam vet struggling with the war" character in movies from around the time (of course Rambo and I'm sure others are still down the road), in this movie that motif really starts to get old real fast. It would have been interesting to see what this movie could have been with a good actor instead of Railsback in it, someone with even an once of charm/charisma, or acting ability.