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Great SCIFI and action! So in the sequel, we step away from the aliens and riddick is fighting an army of half dead instead. Well, this approach was good, but it would been better if they added the aliens from the first 1 in the sequel!

Mad Max: Fury Road

This is the action movie of the year!

Crimson Peak
Crimson Peak(2015)

Tom Huddleston does a awesome job at his character Thomas!

Terminator Genisys

Awesome! Terminator 5 brings us back!

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Awesome! More interesting than the first! The first was great! This was better!

It Follows
It Follows(2015)

Best original horror movie of 2015!

The Babadook
The Babadook(2014)

Best scary movie of 2014! So original! The pop up creepy book! How could you read such an awful children's book to a young child?if it's in a word or if it's in a look, you can't get rid of the babadook!


Ok Annabelle is not as good as the conjuring! It's a okay horror movie, but is no masterpiece like the conjuring! There are some scares from this movie, but I would much rather watch chucky than this movie Annabelle!

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

Ok much better than the second! Not as good as the first!

Dumb and Dumber To

Dumb and dumber 2 is a very solid sequel! I think it's Jim Carrey's best movie since yes man!

Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6(2014)

So funny and exciting!

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Night at the museum 3 gives us another fun night!

American Sniper

the first best movie based on the Iraq war I have seen! this is much better than the Hurt Locker! BRADLEY Cooper does a fantastic job playing Chris Kyle!

The Expendables 3

ok, not as good as the 2nd, better than the 1st! I think Mel Gibson playing the bad guy makes this one interesting. what makes this one less appealing is it is PG13.


a weird funny movie! Johnny Depp as the detective is hilarious!


Daniel Radcliff at his best since Harry potter!

Earth to Echo

This movie is pretty good!

White Bird in a Blizzard

A great movie! Shailene Wodley performance is great, but not as good as Divergent! I think you will figure out the title by the end of the movie!

Bad Words
Bad Words(2014)

this movie is hilarious. Jason Bateman was meant for this role. He definetely knows how to make insults with bad words!


This movie is great! My new favorite movie based on a book! Way Better than the hunger games!


The best biblical movie i ever seen! Such a great cast! Definitely not exactly true to how the events took place, but makes an awesome story! Russell Crowe plays Noah very well!

Joy Ride 3: Road Kill

Ok what's the deal, rusty nails is suppose to be burned according to the end of second movie! Ok not as good as the first 2, but ok.

Mr. Jones
Mr. Jones(2014)

Do not watch this! Horrible! Doesn't make much sense!

Need For Speed

Kept me interested compared to Fast and the furious!


The effects are awesome in the remake compared to the old one!


Scariest movie of Q1 of 2014!


Combination of the original and new ideas! This Godzilla is one you will definetely want to see! Looks so real! The story is great! Only thing is that the fights are not that long with Godzilla!


awesome! keeps you on the edge!

Monsters University

Awesome prequel to monsters inc!

The Wolf of Wall Street

Wow, this movie is really funny. For a biography movie, it is really great! Leonardo dicaprio and jonah hill are awesome in this! Once it seems to get boring, For a 3 hour movie, it keeps entertaining!


Disney's Frozen, the best animated film of 2013! Best duet songs in a animated movie! From the animation creators of the movie tangled, the animations are awesome!

The Underneath

Do not watch this! It is a replica of the descent! This movie drags on! So much similar to the descent except a horrible story and acting! The descent is way better than this movie!


Okay its just about the same as the originals with a twist at the end! However, the effects are much better compared to the originals! Its different compared to the original since the characters involves social media sites spreading rumors. There is more depth in this one with carrie's mother compared to the originals! Julianne Moore does a great job at playing Carrie's mother. Chloe Moretz is awesome at playing Carrie as well!

The Heat
The Heat(2013)

This movie should definitely win comedy of the year!


Okay pretty good movie with sandra bullock and george clooney. I think Sandra bullock was better in the Heat, though!

Thor: The Dark World

Just saw THOR 2: THE DARK WORLD! This movie is just awesome! Loki and Thor are themost amazing characters in the marvel universe!

The Lone Ranger

This movie is pretty good, but is a little slow

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

My thoughts on this was that it was going to be like the first twilight movie. However, it is a better movie! Shadow hunters and demons!

Machete Kills

Wow! Better than the first! Mel gibson as the bad guy; he does a good job at it!

The To Do List

This is a movie that is a must see! It is so funny!

The Conjuring

An awesome horror movie based on a true story! Rated R, Not for sex, gore, or language! Just for being plain scary! This movie gives you the chills. This movie should win horror movie of the year!


This is movie isn't a good as i was hoping it to be! Everything feels rushed! This movie is similar to men in black, but not as good! It is funny, but some of the story doesn't make sense.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

So much better special effects compared to the original! It was due for a remake! Writer Christopher Nolan pulls it off again with Man of Steel!


Weirder than the first one! At least there is some connection to the first!

The Purge
The Purge(2013)

The story is good. The idea is horrible!

After Earth
After Earth(2013)

Another apocalyptic movie. This one involves the species have evolved and have taken over earth. Its okay.

This Is the End

Watch!! the Superbad Mcloving trio are back for a few minutes! Then only 1 lives until the end! Theres so many famous from movies produced and written by seth rogen and Evan goldberg (40 year old virgin, knocked up, superbad, pineapple express, etc)! Its amazing to see emma play in this! This movie is entirely funny just like previous movies made by Seth rogen and evan goldberg!

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

This is the best IROM MAN movie! It is different from the first 2. Iron Man is not fighting things that were replicas of his designs. He is fighting a stronger enemy and on top of that he has to fight without his suit.

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

Awesome movie and original! WWZ or world war of zombies! It's about finding a way to survive! The sound effects of the movie sound just like the sounds of zombies in the zombie u game! For a Pg13 rating, zombies are still scary and bloody! Basically this movie is the pg13 version of 28 days/weeks later. Definitely, hope there will be a sequel! Brad pit is awesome in this!

The Great Gatsby

Do not watch this slow garbage! The trailers and previews make this movie seem more entertaining! The previews are very misleading! This movie moves very slow and is very difficult to understand! It is way boring compared to Robert Markowitz Great Gatsby (2000) version. The only 2 thing good about the movie is that choice of music and that Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire play in it.

The Haunting of Helena

How bout haunting of Helena's teeth? why just haunting of Helena? Movie is sort of like the ring. Don't help the crazy tooth fairy ghost!


So much of this movie is similar to Alien! So this alien can look human. This movie moves very slow. Some of the acting is poor. The story was okay.

Girls Against Boys

The music is horrible in this movie. Scenes drag on too long and half of the movie makes no sense! The acting is good though.

Killing Season

Okay movie with John Travolta and Robert Deniro.


What a hilarious movie, but not the greatest dialogue. The fowl mouth crows and yelling lotuses are the most hilarious part of this movie.

Olympus Has Fallen

Top about about realistic! Maybe not about the the nuclear weapons, but the action scenes and fighting scenes! If this movie didnt get the R rating, it wouldn't have been as good! this movie seems so realistic! Gerald Butler is at his best in this movie! Aaron Elkhart does a great of playing the president, reminds me of him being Harvy dent in the dark knight! Morgan Freeman, does a great job as well playing the speaker of the house! The whole cast does a fantastic job!


Awesome SCIFI movie, but also a confusing one to understand!

Bullet to the Head

Pretty good action movie!

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Half of the cast from the first movie are missing in the sequel. A lot more action and effects compared to the first one!

Chernobyl Diaries

Okay movie that you don't know who is chasing the group until towards the end of the movie!

Cloud Atlas
Cloud Atlas(2012)

Talk about complication and boredom!


Great action movie.


okay twisted movie.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

It's an okay movie. Not as funny as I was expecting it to be. Steve Carel and Jim Carrey are not as funny as they are in their other movies. Jim Carrey acts like a big shot in this movie. It would have been better if Jim Carrey was playing major role. I think Alan Arkin makes this movie better, though. The movie is more funny towards the end.

Movie 43
Movie 43(2013)

Talk about about a movie that doesn't have any point to it. How many actors do you need to get audiences to laugh. How many sick jokes and short films can a movie make in 90 mins? This movie has stories that don't make any sense, but are funny.

The Host
The Host(2013)

Okay movie about aliens possessing dying bodies!

Axe Giant: The Wrath Of Paul Bunyan

Pretty good story! The effects are not that great!

Spring Breakers

This movie is okay, but the jumping scenes are so annoying! The repeating of sentences get annoying as well! The sentences are repeated 4 times for the amount of main characters! I got really tired of hearing "spring break forever". James Franco talking gangster is hilarious in this movie!

The Cloth
The Cloth(2013)

Nonsense! Put Danny trejo in the first 5 minutes of the whole movie!

21 And Over
21 And Over(2013)

Hangover writers pull off another funny movie! seems like this movie is a mix of the hangover and Superbad, except its college life!

Scary Movie 5

okay, SCARY MOVIE 5 IS INSULTING TO THE ENTIRE SAGA! They should have named it HORRIBLE MOVIE 5 instead! Changing all the names of the original characters to new names doesn't make since. The Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen scene is completely horrible. On the otherhand, I have to still say Scary Movie 5 still gets credit for being funny. I have to say Scary Movie 5 is more funny than A haunted House and doesn't just spoof paranormal activity. I liked how a lot the horror movies that were spoofed in Scary Movie 5 were recent movies that have just been in theaters such as Mama, Sinister, and The Evil Dead. Hopefully the creators take the next sequel more seriously. I think the movie would have been better if the Anna Farris and Regina Hill reappeared in it.

The Call
The Call(2013)

Good nonstop action thriller!

The Last Exorcism Part II

I have to say this sequel was better than the first and better than first and stands out more towards the end with a twist compared to similar movies. However, it wasn't scary as the first and throughout half of the movie, the scenes are just teasing the audience.

Dark Skies
Dark Skies(2013)

Movie is similar to Paranormal Activity but a little better since it isn't all shaky cameras. This movie also has things that have been seen already before in movies such as Paranormal Activity, The 4th Kind, Signs, The Ring, etc. The kid has as unknown friend Mr Sandman just like in the movie paranormal activity. The movie was good, but the ending could have been better! There was definitely room for improvement on this movie. This movie might give you the chills, but it might also put you to sleep with the fact the film jack for the first 45 minutes, just like Paranormal Activity does. This is worth watching, but it's not one that I will watch over and over again.


Terrible movie!

The Last Stand

Arnold is back in Hollywood action and does a fantastic job in this movie! Talk about racing Chevrolet sports cars covette ZR and a Camero ZL1. They show how fast a corvette ZR1 can really go!

Gangster Squad

Not that exciting of a movie as it was expecting to be!


Watching this movie, reminded me of the movie Woman in Black. It is funny that movie was release last year at the beginning of the year and this movie was release at the beginning of the year. They are similar movies with the idea of taking the child away from the parent. However, Mama is more interesting and exciting and doesn't get boring.

John Dies at the End

A great funny, crazy, horror, science fiction movie! May be a little confusing at first, but you understand what is going on by the end! When drug called soy sauce come alive, it bites you and you can travel between worlds.

Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher(2012)

Awesome suspenseful action movie! Jack Reacher is a mysterious investigator all out through the film. This movie will keep you on the edge through the entire 2 hours of the movie! Tom Cruise was a great choice for this movie!

Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles

This movie is not that good! The effects are pretty bad. The story doesn't make much sense either.

The Guilt Trip

Funny movie about a mother and her son taking a week road trip together!

Silver Linings Playbook

This movie should have won best picture of the year! This movie is a must see! It is hilarious and dramatic at the same time! Jennifer Lawrence plays better in this movie than in the hunger games!


Good movie! Can't figure out how many people are involved with this robbery until near the end.

This is 40
This is 40(2012)

Such a funny movie!

Not Suitable for Children

Great romantic comedy movie.


okay movie about a psycho escaping from prison and stalking teenagers.

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

Not as good as the first. There isn't any connection to the first, but still is okay.

The Bay
The Bay(2012)

Too much documentary to be a horror movie.

Evil Dead
Evil Dead(2013)

Lets say this, this movie is more gory, darker and less humorous than the original! There are still some scenes that are humorous, but overall this movie is serious! The background music in this movie is way better than the original. However, I can't say this movie is better than the original! Love that the quotes from the original are still used. You can't take the line "I'll swallow your soul" away from the Evil Dead or it would be a big mistake! It is inevitable that Evil Dead will be a classic remake!

Dark Feed
Dark Feed(2012)

An okay movie. This movie is like "the crazies" but not as good!


This movie is funny! A movie similar to bridesmaids!

The Collection

Movie is awesome! Great horror/action movie! This movie is similar to the movies saw, cube and home alone! A horror movie with a good ending!

The Factory
The Factory(2011)

Enjoyed this movie! It keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Ghost Storm
Ghost Storm(2011)

A pretty good movie even though it seems like a movie off from Sci-Fi Channel. A lot of things seemed rushed, but still is entertaining.


Okay, the first 20 minutes of the movie is okay, but then it just gets boring. I don't know why Oscars give best picture awards to boring movies.

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

Outstanding visual effects in this movie! It claims to be the next avatar! It may not meet Avatar, action wise; but it definitely meets and probably succeeds Avatar with visual effects! If you ever watch the movie Cast Away, you will definitely like this movie. If your not religious, this movie might also change your mind!

The First Time

Well what a great movie about 2 teenagers falling in love for the first time! The girl tries to do everything to be different than other girls and act more mature than other girls her age! I am amazed that this movie got a way with a pg13 rating! It's a funny, dramatic, ironic, and romantic story!


What a crazy horror movie! Alien parasites that look like slugs, worms, leaches, or whatever that turn people into zombies!

The Hazing
The Hazing(2004)

An okay horror movie! Seems like this movie was influenced by the evil dead! Brad Dourif doesn't seem to act as good compared to him playing chucky


I have to say this is the best Bond story ever, but Daniel Craig is not my most favorite as James Bond! I really miss Pierce Brosnan's humor with the gadgets! Daniel Craig just doesn't make it as funny, however still makes a great serious Bond! This story really goes into the background of James! SkyFall was much better than Quantnum of Solace!

Playing for Keeps

Not really entertaining

Oz the Great and Powerful

Can't wait to see this! It may not be a musical, but is a great adventure movie Disney has made! A lot of great effects! We see how oz becomes the great wizard!

Army of Darkness

Well the 3rd sequel in the evil dead saga is not all 100%, but still entertaining, funny, scary, and and with more action!

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

I can't believe i never watched the Evil Dead before. The evil dead and the sequel are a masterpiece of Sam Raimi! I find that the sequel has more humor than the first, but it a crazy, gory, scary, horror movie! I think this movie definitely inspired the movie IDLE HANDS from when Ash's hand get's possessed and tries to kill him. Most funniest scene of the movie. The amazing part was how Ash made something to use the chainsaw after chopping his hand off. This movie is really a true classic of a comedy horror!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Best movies of the saga! Now that bella dream of being a vampire has finally come true, she is no longer sad, lonely, or depressed; she shows her funny side! I think it should have been longer though!

Lay the Favorite

This movie is pretty good and funny!

Jack the Giant Slayer

Awesome movie! Much expanded fairy tale!

The Evil Dead

There is no doubt that this is a horror classic! This was probably the most scariest horror movie and bloodiest ever seen when it was released! This movie was great and spooky!

Silent Hill: Revelation

I don't see why people are not liking this sequel! It was pretty good! It explained things that made the first one confusing. okay some of the 3D effects were not as good as they should have been and some of the dialogue was cheesy, but overall the story was good and the acting was good. I am looking forward to a third movie. If you haven't seen the first movie, you have to see the first one in order to understand what is going on in the second.

The Package
The Package(2013)

i didn't like Steve Austin in this movie as much as movies he playd in before!


done review! 1 hour of the movie is boring!

Lake Placid: The Final Chapter

Is this the last one really? The ending doesn't make me think so. I am glad to see Robert Englund in this and some of the cast from the previous movie! The effects are still lame as second and third, but the story is good.

End of Watch
End of Watch(2012)

this movie was okay. another film shot in first person view.


More boring than scary! Really should not be a horror! The last 5 minutes of this movie is the only scary part of the movie unless you find the music scary. Annoying screeching and chorus. The story is good and all, but it is mostly boring! This film could have been much shorter.

Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies(2013)

It was funny! It was better than other zombie movies! Even though it was funny, it didn't have much zombie chasing like in zombieLand, resident evil, 28 days, etc. The movie looks on making a relationship between a girl and a zombie. it was a great romantic zombie movie! Warm Bodies is like Twilight, but more funny! I would definitely watch it again!

Robot & Frank

Great movie! So friendship built between a robot and a guy!

Guns, Girls and Gambling

This movie is great! Funny! Gary Oldman, Dane Cook, Tony Cox, Christian Slater are hilarious in this movie.

House at the End of the Street

This movie is pretty good. However, I couldn't figure out why this movie was called the HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET ( HATEOTS). Also, not much was of the story was explained good. Jennifer Lawrence is not thriller material. I think Sarah Roemer (Disturbia) or Taylor-Compton (Rob Zombie's Halloween) would have been a better choices for this movie. Other than these flaws, the movie was good.

Here Comes the Boom

This movie with Kevin James is okay. It is not funny as other movies he is in. The idea of becoming a boxer to raise money doesn't make much sense in this.

Seven Psychopaths

Should not be considered as a comedy

Paranormal Activity 4

okay going for a fourth sequel, not as good as the third! okay the girl ask her boyfriend to set up recordings on her computer....then the story just jumps to the next thing. You think that she would show her the recording when the strange things happen. The girl doesn't show her parents the recordings which doesn't make sense. Just like the previous sequel, we have the same kind of ending.

Hold Your Breath

The story is good in this movie, but the effects are not that great! The movie was pretty good!

The Thompsons

good vampire movie!

A Thousand Cuts

pretty good movie

A Haunted House

A haunted house! It was pretty good, but I don't like that the previews were somewhat false advertising! It was a total replica of paranormal activity up to the last 30 minutes! They were just spoofing paranormal activity! The posters show the possession and there weren't any scenes with that. They spoof the other movies like the exorcist, the last exorcism, the devil inside, Knock Knock 2, and a few others within the last 30 minutes of the film! Another problem was there were too many close ups. Other than that, it was entertaining and funny!

The Possession

For a PG13 movie and based on true events, this movie is as scary as THE EXORCIST! This movie is way better than the supernatural movies that have been release in 2012 such as The Devil Inside, The Pact, 12.12.12, No Tell Motel, Lovely Molly, & The Haunting of Whaley House!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

Compared to the previous installment: Rodrick Rules, this movie doesn't pull out on top. It still is hilarious, but there's not much emotional connections made as there was in the previous sequel with Rodrick and Greg. The bond chemistry between Greg and his Dad are not they great. A game changer in this sequel is the fact that the story takes place during Summer before Greg goes into 8th grade.


okay why did Tim Burton have to make a b&w movie. This movie is pretty good up to the end when these awkward monsters are created. This animated Tim Burton movie is pretty good, but still not as good as his Nightmare before Christmas. Also, it was much better than the 2012 Dark Shadows.


What kind of brainwashing movie is this? This movie talks like it is advertising. A guy gets into some kind of ritual stuff and becomes dislluional thinking that companies create creatures of their names and companies' creatures fight each other.

I Didn't Come Here To Die

This movie is okay about a group of workers camping. The girl accidently chain sawing her face is really horrifying!


This movie is not that interesting. The slow motion effect gets really annoying, but the special effects were pretty good. Drugs cause you go in slow motion nowadays! It's annoying how Dredd seems to imitate Batman's voice. Dredd looks like a mix of Captain America and Robocop.

Why Stop Now?

This movie is cookoo from start to finish!

Silent Night
Silent Night(2012)

Pretty good Christmas horror movie! There is not much to laugh about this killer Santa!


What a deep complex movie! This movie with Bruce Willis reminds me of 12 monkeys! It is confusing, but a good movie!


This movie is funny! The teddy bear looks so real! Seth MacFarlane directs, writes, and plays as Ted. Being his first movie, he does a fantastic job!

Total Recall
Total Recall(2012)

Movie is pretty good, except the whole movie is a wild goose chase. It's like a combination of ideas from the movie Pay Check, Mr. and Ms. Smith, Star Wars (storm troopers), and IRobot.

Creep Van
Creep Van(2012)

It's okay. Once you think this movie starts to get good, it becomes horrible again! Some of the movie makes no sense and just added for humor. The guy is a creeper.


First 15 minutes are good, then it gets boring until an hour into the movie and it gets good again!

The Apparition

okay movie, nothing special. This ghost in this reminds me of the movie, The Ring and the Grudge character.


This year, there has been a few more of these movies released with short films in one. I don't see why they do this because they make no sense. There are 5 stories and out of the 5, 2 of them seemed to be descent!


You can expect what this movie is about.......devil baby. How unrealistic can get this movie get. This movie is gory, probably the only thing it is good at! What are they using as a baby, in scenes it looks like they are talking to a baby doll and other scenes it looks computer generated or something. A lot of the acting could have been done better!

The Watch
The Watch(2012)

this movie is pretty funny, but some of the stuff is ridiculous such as shooting the alien over 50 times, the scene where they are taking photos of the alien, and the idea of making a watch group when it's police's job.

Men in Black III

This MEN IN BLACK is the best one! I am telling you the story keeps you interested through the whole movie! I definitely want to see a MIB 4 now! MIB3 gives us the emotional connections and background of the characters.


Disney and Pixar makes another great movie!

Ruby Sparks
Ruby Sparks(2012)

some funny drama movie about a novelist. This movie is similar to Stranger than Fiction!

The Pact
The Pact(2012)

finally a movie similar to paranormal activity, but takes a different approach!


this a pretty good horror movie!

Wrong Turn 5
Wrong Turn 5(2012)

Well, same story as previous sequels! Why do they keep making sequels to this? The last one was better than this!

The Expendables 2

This movie is great! All action! So many famous actors! Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, chuck Norris, Bruce Willis, and so on!

The Tortured
The Tortured(2012)

This movie is really messed up! The end!

The Campaign
The Campaign(2012)

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifinanakis are hilarious in this movie! Talk about making a dirty jokes out of elections.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Okay, you take Tobey Maguire out of the picture and replace him with Andrew Garfield! He is not as good as Tobey Maguire, but does okay! I think Emma Stone does great at playing Gwen Stacy along with Denis Leary as Captain Stacy! There is a lot of stuff not explained as much as the original such as the beginning of the movie. Also, the lizard's face is horrible. Overall, the movie is pretty good, but not quite as good as the original.

The Raven
The Raven(2012)

I have to say that this movie was better than the original! Wow, the story takes place in Baltimore! I have to say it starts out pretty boring, but gets more interesting as it goes on!

Red Lights
Red Lights(2012)

It is an okay movie, but it doesn't keep you entertained!

Safety Not Guaranteed

Movie is great and funny!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

ACTION PACKED, MATRIX style vampire movie! This is an awesome movie! A little more explaining on how vampires are surviving in sunlight could help, but this story is great! The acting is great! The 3D effect is awesome! This movie is fast paced and keeps you entertained and is much better than that Abraham lincoln vs Zombies movie! I hope they make a sequel to this movie! Definitely watch this!

Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages(2012)

Great Comedy/Musical! I have to say this is going to be my second favorite musical movie! Sweeney Todd is number 1 ! Tom Cruis is a great at singing "Dead or Alive"! I don't know about Russel Brand in this; he was better at singing in Get Him to the Greek! He still puts on great performance! It is interesting how they did mixes on the songs Juke Box Hero with I love Rock n Roll and We built this city on rock with We're Not Gonna take it!


Why would you want to go in a heat box ? really no way to turn down the temperature from inside? The acting was pretty good in this, but the story was not that good!

The Dead Matter

This movie is pretty good!


Didn't make any sense!

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

Johnny Depp is the only one who keeps this story alive, funny, and entertaining! They did not give enough spotlight to the character Victoria Winters. This Tim Burton film is not as good as previous films.

That's My Boy

This movie is hilarious, makes up for Adam Sandler's last movie Jack and Jill!


Wow, this movie is really deep! You have to watch it more than once to understand it! This movie is way similar to the Alien saga, but is not as good. It is good, but not great as Alien. The story drags for the first 45 mins! Towards the end, you realize that this movie is related to the Alien saga.

Snow White and the Huntsman

This movie is pretty good, but the ending seemed rush!

Seance: The Summoning

This is one freaky movie!

Marvel's The Avengers

The best Marvel Movie ever! It is awesome how the movie continues story of each character's movie! Just wished that included Spider Man. There is a lot of humor, and build up of friendship between the characters, throughout the movie! I'll watch it again and again!

The Tall Man
The Tall Man(2012)

Creepy movie about someone trying to steal children! It has a pretty good ending!

L!fe Happens
L!fe Happens(2012)

this movie is funny!

The Cabin in the Woods

Wow! This is ahorror movie that you must watch! First i thought this was another average slasher horror, but as the movie goes on, you see it is more than a slasher film! The ending is shocking. The thing that is different in this horror movie compared to others where there is a character high on drugs is that the character that is high on drugs makes the most the makes sense in the movie which is ironic and funny!

Resident Evil: Retribution

Wow, I see where the story is going. The 5th one really ties the 4th one together! This sequel gets in deeper explaining the Red queen. I really enjoyed this 5th one even though this one is sort of a repeat of the first movie! The movie rolls right along, alice fighting something at every corner! It is someone confusing to see the old characters rejoing in this sequel. I don't like that the story is hanging at the end of this movie though!


okay movie, Sean Bean has been better!

Mort Ó Zyzzyx

This movie was okay, but the effects were not that good. Pretty good story!


I just hated that there was too much foreign language in this movie throughout most of the movie! I couldn't understand what was going throughout most of the movie because of this. Something about a guy protecting a girl. Sounds similar to the movie The professional, now that movie was better than this!

Dr Seuss' The Lorax

okay, why couldn't they just have done a real life movie for this? They already have animated. I have to admit this movie goes more in depth than the old cartoon movie. Danny Devito does great at playing the lorax.


Awesome effects! They make it look so much like playing the game battleship! A guy who always wasted his skills proved himself when he is faced in battle! I am just curious what happen to the submarines?

Lovely Molly
Lovely Molly(2012)

not a bad movie, not the greatest! This movie is similar to other movie that have been better than this!


okay so a spoiled rotten brat girl decides to push the stop button in the elevator trying to play a joke on the guy who is claustiphobic being in a elevator. Well why didn't you take the stairs in first place. The movie "Devil" is better than this movie! The problem in this movie is the things the characters do make no sense. They have 3 minutes to do something before the bomb went off. It seemed like it took them over that and the bomb did not go off.

The Haunting Of Whaley House

Great ghost movie! Wish the ending was better, but the story and effects were great in this movie!

The Dictator
The Dictator(2012)

Great movie! Very funny!

Silent House
Silent House(2012)

This movie doesn't deserve to live! Made no sense! The effects were the only thing that was good!

The Hunger Games

This movie is awesome! The next Harry Potter! The new saga based of a book! The idea is really horrible, but the story is great, the effects were awesome, and the acting was great!


Great movie! Great story! This movie is way better than "Buried"! Not viewing a box the whole time!

Tonight You're Mine

okay movie about a guy and girl getting handcuffed to each other!

Slices Of Life

This is a "wtf" kind of movie! Every thing is very twisted in this movie! It is like a mix of ghost, nightmare on elm street, zombies, aliens, scourge, Teeth, all combined! This movie is way twisted, the end is disappointing! The effects are good in this movie!

Bloodlust Zombies

Not really zombies! Its an okay zombie movie even though they are not zombies since they can be killed easy!


This movie is funny and scary at the same time! This movie will be definetely get a lot of audiences talking about dentata!

The Forger
The Forger(2012)

Not that bad! A guy who can copy other's art paintings! Not bad, but not that good of a movie! It's okay!

Knock Knock 2 (1666)

I can't give this anything better than 2.5 stars! Half of the movie was boring! Next, there is that shaky footage was is horrible! Then, there's parts of the movie where we are just looking at the wall and not the characters! Furthermore, no cell phone service, inside a house, but then at the end, there's cell phone service? Why is this called Knock Knock 2? Where is the first movie? If the ending was different, it may have been better, but this kind of story has already been done over and over again!

Piranha 3DD
Piranha 3DD(2012)

OMG! They changed it from someone scary/funny (the first one) to a complete laughter in the sequel! The only one who is performing excellent in this is Christopher Lloyd! This movie probably would have been better if they used the idea from the ending throughout the whole movie! The humor is so funny in this what makes the movie interesting! Your not going to be as scared if you already seen the first one because the blood bath is pretty much the same! If they make Piranha:Triple D, then they better make it right and keep the complete cast!!


Nothing but comedy slasher! More funny than scary! Good set of cast in this film! Wish Dane Cook had more scenes in this movie! Dane Cook as the princinple was hilarious! This is similar to the movie Club Dread, Comebacks, etc. I like the fact that the teenagers fight back against the killer and not just flee like scardy cats like in other slasher movies!


Pretty creepy movie about a guy killing people at an ATM machine! You won't want to go to an atm machine at night after watching this! The ending is disappointing! This movie keeps you on the edge!

The Three Stooges

The new actors did a great job as the three stooges!

Mirror Mirror

This movie was pretty good! A funny story of Snow White!

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises was awesome! I didn't think the villian Bane in this was as great as the Joker in the previous one! However, the story was great! I'd wish this wasn't the end to Christian Nolan's Batman saga!

Friends With Kids

I don't know if they were trying to copy the movie ideas from Friends with Benefits and NO Strings attached, but this movie is really good!


Horrible movie!


Awesome movie!

21 Jump Street

Awesome, hilarious movie! Jonah Hill did great at writing this film! I was shocked to see Johnny Depp in it for a few minutes! This movie reminded me of SuperBad a little! I hope there will be a sequel to this!

A Thousand Words

This was a great emotional and funny movie! What would you do if your talking was killing you ? What would you do if you could not speak. Eddie Murphy is great at making crazy faces in movies and this one of those movies he does it best!

The Artist
The Artist(2011)

Being a silent movie, this movie is different from any other movie. Even though this is the first silent movie i seen, i know it is probably the best silent movie ever! I like how this movie is about transitioning from a silent movie to a movie with sound at the end! The most funniest part in this movie was when it had the sound! I am not into silent movies, but this was one to watch!

This Means War

Funny movie! Who can win the girl!

John Carter
John Carter(2012)

A lot of the stuff seemed rush in this movie, the audience didn't get a smooth introduction to all the characters. However, it was a very great sci-fi and adventure movie that Disney pulled off! However, I don't know why they created another PG-13 movie. They should not create more franchises with PG-13 movies! Just leave it for the Pirates of the Caribbean sega! This movie reminded of Star Wars! I am looking forward to a sequel to this and if they do, hopefully they will make improvements!

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

A little Avatar, a little King Kong, a little bit of Honey I Shunk the kids, Gulliver Travels, etc. This film reminds me of these movies! This movie does have it's downfall, especially the story being like National Treasure in the beginning looking for the clues! The film keeps you laughing and it moves at a fast pace!


This film was awesome! The story was great! The acting was great! Shooting it in first person was awesome and it was cool that the character would use his ability to levitate the camera so us the viewers didn't have to deal with the shaky camera effect like in other first person footage movies! There was a great message that the story delivered! If given a gift, can you use it wisely?

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Well, i have to say the first one is better, but this is still one joy of a ride! The narration got annoying and sorta of the same thing as the first movie!

Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies

Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies or Vampires in the same year ? Strange! Funny, but not that good of a zombie movie! Hopefully, the one that is going in theaters will be way better!

Junkyard Dog
Junkyard Dog(2010)

Pretty Good Movie!


Not the greatest movie, but not bad! The movie is pretty boring! All you hear is a guy screaming for help as he crawls through the forest!

Man on a Ledge

This movie was pretty exciting! If you want everyone's attention, climb out a window and stand on a ledge!


It is an okay movie, but things are not explained that much!

The Grey
The Grey(2012)

What a realistic attack scenes of nature! The human pack vs the wolf pack! I just don't like how the movie ended, it should not ended and leave us hanging! One of Liam Neesons best performances ever!


not really exciting!

The Woman in Black

this movie was pretty good! Not really scary, but has sudden moments that make you jump! Daniel radcliffe is better as harry potter though!


This movie is okay

The Devil Inside

Don't believe the trailer! It's not that great!

Mother's Day
Mother's Day(2012)

This movie was petty good!

The Innkeepers

This movie is pretty good, but some of the movie is confusing!

Just Add Water

This movie is really good and funny! Jonah Hill is not that funny in this as he is in his other movies!


Russell Brand does a great job at playing the voice of E.B. Some parts of the story doesn't make sense. Your staying at your bosses house and you can't go upstairs? Pretty silly!


This movie was a little slow at first, but got better as it moved along! The ending was exciting, but also did not make much sense!

Dark Tide
Dark Tide(2012)

The movie display seem to be very realistic on how sharks behave when you swim with them.

Seven Below
Seven Below(2012)

My rating 3 / 5 Stars http://www.flixster.com/movie/seven-below-2012/

The Sitter
The Sitter(2011)

My rating 4/5 stars
This movie is funny, but some of the story doesn't make sense! Kids don't say a thing when Noah cusses? http://www.flixster.com/movie/the-sitter-2011/

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)

My rating 2.5 out of 5 Stars!
This movie is sick! At least they brought back the actress Ashlynn Yennie from the first movie! The movie is a horrible sequel! Almost, no dialogue at all to try to copy the setting similar to the movie SAW, with everyone lying in a sewer place, is ridiculous. In a way this movie is funny, but is sick! I have to say the effects are really good in this movie. The story doesn't make sense and many of the characters don't make any sense what they were doing and why they were there. It is really dumb that the movie is black and white. It's not completely black and wide, but not much color is in this movie! I think the only reason to watch this movie is to see Ashlynn Yennie crawl once more and be able to scream this time! The Human Centipede: First Sequence had a really good story to it, but this sequel is just torture and no effort put in to it! http://www.flixster.com/movie/the-human-centipede-ii/

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

My rating 4/5 Stars!
Very Funny! Not better or worst than first 2!

The Descendants

My rating 3 out 5 stars!
Why did this movie get awards? It was confusing and boring! Not enough humor in this movie! http://www.flixster.com/movie/the-descendants-2011/


MY RATING: 4/5 STARS! This movie would have been better if Steve Austin and Danny Trejo were both playing good guys in this movie! The movie was still good though! http://www.flixster.com/movie/recoil-2011/

Caught Inside

My rating 3 out of 5 stars! Stupid how the crew cant just take down 1 guy! This movie and Story, completely lame! The acting was good, but the story was bad. http://www.flixster.com/movie/caught-inside-2010/

The Darkest Hour

The movie was okay, not the greatest! You get bored of watching the characters run from invisible aliens! The ending leaves us hanging, but i hope they don't plan on making a sequel to this movie unless they are going to make better improvements! http://www.flixster.com/movie/the-darkest-hour/


This movie is okay! The first half of the movie is pretty boring, but gets better afterwards! Clash of the Titans is better than this movie!

Breaking Wind

THIS MOVIE IS HORIBBLE! THEY SHOULD STOP MAKING FUN OF TWILIGHT SEGA! THIS SQUEL TO VAMPIRE SUCKS, SUCKS EVEN MORE! THEY WOULD HAVE DONE BETTER MAKING FUN OF OTHER VAMPIRE MOVIES! The only part of this movie that made me laugh was the scene with Avatar and Johnny Depp characters Mad Hatter, Edward Scissor Hands, Willy Wanka, and Jack Sparrow!

War Horse
War Horse(2011)

Great movie about a horse and WWI ! This movie reminds me of Saving Private Ryan! A lot of a sad parts throughout, but it has a good ending!

Tomorrow, When the War Began

An awesome movie about a group of teenagers getting stuck in middle of a war!

Wrath of the Titans

The 3D effect in this movie was awesome! Not so thrilled about the IMAX! This movie was better than the first!

Johnny English Reborn

This movie was great! Rowan Atkinson is hilarious with everything he does!

Happy Feet Two

Not as good as the first!

Resurrection County

Do not watch this is your strongly religious! Sick Movie, plot of this is similar to the movies: House of 1000 Corpse, The Last House on the Left, Wrong Turn, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Hills Have Eyes, etc.

Tower Heist
Tower Heist(2011)

This movie is funny! Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller make a great performance!


This movie should have not been made! Dumbest Idea ever! The first 10 minutes of the movie nothing but sad music!

The Adventures of Tintin

This movie is pretty cool! The background in this movie looks so realistic! This movie probably was awesome in IMAX!

The Rebound
The Rebound(2009)

This movie was pretty funny!

Jack and Jill

This movie is funny, but is Adam Sandler's worst performance ever! He is horrible at a girl's voice. Eddy Murphey (in Nutty Professor and Norbit) and Martin Lawrence (Big Momma) are way better than Adam Sandler! I was amazed as how many actor played as themselves like Johnny Depp, Regis Philbbin, Al Pacino, etc. David Spade did a better job in this as playing a female voice than Adam Sandler.

Dream House
Dream House(2011)

This movie was great! Daniel Craig best performance!


I don't know why the oscars go to the boring movies! Not saying that this movie wasn't good, it was great to watch it one time! It drags! Really this should not have one awards for best visual effects and sound; it should have gone to Harry Potter and Transformers.

In Time
In Time(2011)

An awesome action drama sci-fi movie! Just imagine having to pay with time instead of money!! I like that idea!

The Thing
The Thing(2011)

This movie was freaky! If this is a prequel to John Carpenter's, why didn't they call it The Thing: Prequel, The Thing: first discovery, The Thing: birth, The THING: EXTRACTION, or The Thing: first arrival; there are so many things they could have called, but it was confusing to name it the same thing as we are believed it to be a remake.

Puss in Boots

Puss in boots is a cool movie!


This movie was okay. One thing you learn from this movie is Don't take a stranger in to your house .


This movie was pretty good. Robert Englund is better as Freddy in Nightmare on Elm Street.

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

This was hilarious! The wafflebot was most funniest part of the movie!

The Rum Diary

This movie was a great comedy drama! I figured that Johnny Depp would do this kind of movie since in the pirates of the Caribbean, jack sparrow loves Rum lol !!

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

So far I have enjoyed the 3rd and 4th (part 1 ) sequel of the twilight saga! This one is really the best do far! This one is the scariest one! Showing the birth of the vampire! This one was probably close to getting the R rating but they manage to keep it PG-13 lol! However even though this was the best, I am not convinced to watch it over and over again like I am with Harry potter!!

Killer Elite
Killer Elite(2011)

This movie was cool! Based on a true story! I was amazed how much action was in this for being based on a true story!

Fred 2: Night Of The Living Fred

The Fred movie are lame! Even though Lucas makes these funny videos on youtube. The movies make no sense! Your friend is a ghost and then your friend is your arch neighbor/enemy's sister. It a jumping story that doesn't connect!

Treasure Buddies

Not as good as the previous buddies movies. Spooky Buddies was better!

Shark Night 3D

This movie was not that bad! The movie doesn't come close to the movie Jaws. They probably would have done better giving it an R rating. The good about this movie is that it doesn't get boring. Whats bad is the performance and ideas of shark being put in a lake story,


I did not like this movie! Not that it wasn't a good movie, it just moves too slow!

Real Steel
Real Steel(2011)

Jab! Jab uppercut! Eyes on me! These are the commands for a boxing robot! I have to say this is the best boxing movie of all time!

Paranormal Activity 3

I have to say the third sequel was way better than the first 2! It had more effects and scarier!


This movie was sad and funny!


This movie was awesome!

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I have to say this movie was cool! I never saw the first one, but you don't need to watch the first one to see this one! It's neat how the apes were communicating with each other.

Sinners & Saints

This movie did not make much sense!

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

This movie was great, freaky, and spooky! The director does a great job at showing a child's fear! This movie definitely shows that "curiosity killed the cat" lol! The little goblin rat fairies/gnomes hate the light! The detail in creating these creatures were great! Katie Holmes is great at showing emotions in this movie!

Mr. Popper's Penguins

This movie was good and funny!

Final Destination 5

Well after I watched this sequel, it was better than the 4th one!

Fright Night
Fright Night(2011)

Hopefully this will be as good as the original. This is an outstanding remake of the original! Fright night is definitely one of the best vampire movies of all time!!!

Cowboys & Aliens

Great design of aliens! They have arms inside their stomach Great Story! Daniel Craig and Harris Ford are great in this!!!

The Final Destination

This is like a repeat of the 3rd one, Do not waste time watching it unless you just like the 3D effect


This movie was okay. It was a little confusing.

Drag Me to Hell

This movie was great! Funny and Scary!


This movie was boring, It is known as the "SUCK MOVIE" lol, Vampires sucking each other lol. It doesnt literately suck, but it is a SUCK movie lol


Great effects, did not account for environment conditions such as the water temperatures. Could have had better cast. Characters that spoke different languages spoke too fast to read the words. Yeah this movie is a great and shows possibilities of the disasters in 2012, but hopefully that day will be a normal day. I like that the movie is 158 mins (2 Hrs and 38 mins) and moves along smoothly!!

The Informant!

This movie will bore you to death!


Definetely watch this movie, it is someone sad, but gets better at the end!!

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The sequel was actually good. The 1st one was not good. More action in this one, not boring


this movie is good and creepy!

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The sequel, was better than the first! It was funny throughout the whole movie!!

The Tooth Fairy

Man this movie was great! Very Funny!!


AVATAR comes out on DVD on EARTH DAY....Thursday April 22, 2010

THAT MOVIE WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD!! THE 3D effects were the best i ever seen, the Imax feeling was okay, but couldnt notice much of the imax motion with the awesome 3D effect. Sam Worthington from Terminator Salvation and Sigouney Weaver play in it. What a great movie.

The Blind Side

Michael who plays for The Ravens. Good Movie

Sherlock Holmes

This movie was not really exciting.

Open Graves
Open Graves(2009)

This movie was okay, sorta of like Jumanji and Final Destination combined!

Ninja Assassin

The filmmakers from The Matrix and V for Vendetta! Good Movie, but a lot of blood


This was great. Sam Neil from Jurassic Park plays in this. I don't like the fact they he plays as one of the bad persons. This is a cool vampire movie. In my opinion, this is the best vampire movie, better than TWILIGHT. A lot of action. Vampires can be cured to being human again!!! Ethan Hawke does a great job!


Heaven and Hell. The redeemer chooses who goes to heaven. Pretty Cool movie! Alot of action! This is also funny! It is good 4 hr 30 min TV show/movie that was shown on ABC family!


It's cool when you think your a Super hero!

Under the Sea 3D

This is a good documentary with Jim Carry narrating! He gives it some humor. I would recommend renting this since it is only 40 mins! Gives you a good learning experience.


This movie was good. It was scary.

28 Days Later

This movie is awesome. Serious Action Zombie Movie!

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

This movie was too deep and confusing.

Alice in Wonderland

Johnney Depp, Helana Carter, Alan Rickman, Anna Hathaway, Crispin Glover....all great actors! Hoping this to be the best Alice in Wonderland movie ever created! It comes out on DVD next Tuesday June 1st! I can't wait to get it !!

Shutter Island

Well i am glad i did not see this movie in theaters! I dont know how Critics gave this movie 4/4 stars. I guess it does have a great story to it, but there was too much jumping around with the flashback scenes. I know the whole character is insane, but the whole movie makes you feel a little crazy. There was hardly any music in the movie at all.

Resident Evil: Extinction

I would have to say that this one is a little better than the first 2. The zombie birds are the coolest scene in this movie.

Edge of Darkness

Watch this movie, you will see the corruption in our government! It will show how we are not a peaceful socity. Mel Gibson is such a great actor.

Stephen King's It

The movie is great, funny, and great effects! This is a long horror movie!

The Stranger
The Stranger(2010)

Stone Cold Steve Austin from WWE stars in this movie. I would say it is okay, but it was not as good as the other movies he starred in such as The Condemned and The Longest Yard.

The Fourth Kind

This movie will scare you to death. It is so real!!! This movie will make you believe!!! If it doesn't, there is something wrong with you.

28 Weeks Later...

This sequel to "28 Days Later" is even better than the first. More Zombies seen in this in more scarier situations.

Resident Evil

Wow! This is a great movie.It is like an Alien and Zombie Movie! This a great movie based off the video game!

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

This is a little more confusing than the first one, but more action and more funny zombies and alien zombies.

The Crazies
The Crazies(2010)

A lot of crazies in this lol

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

Now this is a good vampire movie. It beats Twilight. It is funny.

The Road
The Road(2009)

This was a great movie. A little sad, but great. Viggo Mortensen who plays Aragon from Lord of the Rings does a fantastic job.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

Well, this is the best Pixar Movie ever! Toy Story 3 is outstanding! The opening with the train is very cool. Making it the first Pixar Trilogy, Toy Story 3 does not leave you in disappointment! The opening is so creative and the effects are so great! The ending leaves you the memory of the first two movies of how Andy loved his toys and that the friendship and love that he made with his toys will never die!

Cop Out
Cop Out(2010)

Man, this movie was funny!

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

This movie was awesome! Such as great movie based on the Greek Gods.


This movie not bad, but not that good. It was okay. You hear a lot of the words "I'm not dead". you wonder if the people that end up in accidents actually are between the living and the dead worlds or if the funeral director is a psychotic maniac.

The Losers
The Losers(2010)

The losers i don't know where they came up with the title for this, but it was pretty good. They were not Losers at all? No where in this movie, do they call themselves losers. A better title for this would have been "The Betrayed"

The Bounty Hunter

This movie was funny and great


Well, this movie was so cool. It was funny and action-packed. Nicolas Cage is a professional in this.

The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall And Felt Superbad About It

This movie was funny similar to the movies like Scary Movie, The comebacks, etc. The stuff they did is not actually as good as the actual movies though lol.

Letters To God

Everyone should watch this movie. it is a little sad and funny. It is based on a true story.

First Sunday
First Sunday(2008)

this movie is not bad at all!

Green Zone
Green Zone(2010)

This movie had alot of action. This movie about Iraq was way better then THE HURT LOCKER!!


This movie was not really funny!

The Book of Eli

This movie was not that exciting. It was to depressing, but the story was good. This was a little slow moving.

Casualties of War

This movie was not that bad except for the cussing in this movie is terrible. Every 5 seconds, you hear another cuss.

Furry Vengeance

This movie was funny, but also didn't make any sense.

Death at a Funeral

Now this movie was funny! A lot of famous actors in this.

The Killer Inside Me

This movie was so confusing. A thriller and a drama? Not much of a thriller! The characters act stupid in the movie.


This movie is great! Shows you what true wrestling is all about!

How to Train Your Dragon

This movie is great. It is funny, adventurous, and has great special effects! This movie is as good as Shrek. I see this movie being Dreamwork's next succes franchise since Shrek is on it last movie.

The Back-up Plan

Some things dont make much since in this movie. Shes wants a baby, but then when she gets the baby, she doesn't want it right away. The movie was funny though.


This movie was funny. It sort of reminded me of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but wasn't as good as that.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean is their first PG13 movie franchise. Now this is going to be their 2nd PG13 movie franchise! I guess it has something to do with the producer, Jerry Bruckheimer. Anyway, This movie was awesome, but doesn't match Pirates of the Caribbean. It comes close, though!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This movie is funny and great!

Date Night
Date Night(2010)

This movie was great and funny!


This was a cool chilling movie! You actually feeled the same way the character feels if you were in this situation! This movie is scary, because it is possible to be in these kind of situations.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

Iron Man 2 is as great as the first!! A Superhero, who doesn't care about revealing his identity! Awesome! I was shocked that Samuel L. Jackson was in this!

30 Days Of Night: Dark Days

Man i didn't know vampires made screech noises. This sequel was okay.


This movie was funny, but not the best talking animal movies that i have seen.

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

The idea when making this movie was very creative, but it is also crazy. The ending was sad, but apparently they plan on making a sequel to this in 2011 but i am not sure if i wanna be see that if it is as sick as this one. This movie was pretty good though even though it was sick. This is probably the sickest movie ever made. The surgery would actully not work for real.

The Karate Kid

This remake was pretty good, but i don't think it as good as the original.

Get Him to the Greek

This movie is funny great. This sorta seems like a musical comedy. Russell Brand is cool British singer! It is hilarious from start to finish. The song are funny as well!

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

I like this one, this one was pretty funny, but also creepy! It's great that Heather Langenkamp returns in this. It's great they don't make it just a killing spree. It's has logic behind it!

Disney's A Christmas Carol

This movie is great! Jim Carrey played the Grinch, now he plays Ebenezer Scrooge! Robert Zemeckis' A CHRISTMAS CAROL is better than The Polar Express!

A Nightmare on Elm Street

The Original is way better than the 2010 remake!

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

The one is cool! A lot of hilarious and creepy scenes in this sequel as well! The ending is really cool in this one! I am glad that they have the main characters in the beginning of this movie.


Laurence Fishburne who plays The Matrix stars in this :D. Well we Laurence Fishburne and Danny Trejo don't last that long in this. Anyway, this movie was cool. Andrien Brody plays the smartest character in this. This Predator movie goes really into the story of the alien creatures. It is a great continuing story of the first movie. In Predator 3, we learn about new predators. Predator 3 is a true predator movie compared to AVP.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

This one has a great opening to it and i like how Freddy's song get's changed a little. However, they make Alice seem to be not as good as she was in the fourth one.

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Wow, this is great how they connect the background of Freddy! The ending is sorta of the same as the first movie, but a little different. Great effects in this. Better effects than the previous sequels! Funny and creepy still!

The Last Airbender

This movie was okay. Some of the acting could have been done a lot better. Some of the things they did not make sense. If there is going to be a sequel, i hope Night Shyamalan takes it more seriously or another director makes the sequel.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

This sequel is pretty good, but none of the characters from the first are in it!

Grown Ups
Grown Ups(2010)

This movie should be good. This movie is great! They should have added Jim Carrey to this film as well! Anyway all the actors Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, David Spade; they are all really funny combined together, but each of them of not as funny as they are in other movies. However, Rob Schneider was the only one really seemed the most funniest in this movie. This movie was good and funny overall.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Well after watching this, i see that it is okay, but it was not as good as the original.

Lake Placid 3

This was okay, a little bit better than the 2nd.


This movie is creepy and funny. A good sci-fi movie.

Wes Craven's New Nightmare

This is the best one since the first one! It's great that Wes Craven made this one. It's great that Heather Langenkamp comes back and plays the major role last time. It's also a shocker since her character dies in the 3rd sequel. It's makes sense she can play in this since the movie is has the cast themselves as the characters. Heather plays herself. Robert Englund plays both Freddy and as himself. Freddy is really creepy and this, but still does good at adding some humor! This movie definetely concludes the final series! This movie has the best effects than the previous movies!

The Lost Tribe

This is like a copy off Predator, but stupid. They only see body heat. If Homo Sapians evolved these creatures, people would really have been messed up!


This movie was good! A lot of action and some funny scenes! I think this is Lindsey Lohan's first movie where she doesn't play the main role; a good thing too! Robert De Niro has a funny ascent in this movie!

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Talk about a crazy movie lol! There are these comic effects throughout this whole movie that don't really make sense to the movie. It seems as if the characters were in like a combination of a fighting rockband/guitar hero/ mortal kombat game. This was a good hilarious movie though!

The Expendables

Wow i saw a preview of The Expendables and noticed they show Arnold Swarchenegger in it! Bruce Willis, Steve Austin, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham! Wow this movie should rock!

After seeing this, there's not much of a story to this! Yeah it is non stop action, but just shootings and killing. What only seems the most interesting in this is seing Arnold Swachenegger and Bruce Willis in this. It was a good action movie, but could have been better!

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

This movie is so funny! Emma Stone is hilarious in this movie. More funny than Superbad and Zombieland! Making rumors up can really stab you in the back lol. Getting popular for making things up doesn't seem like a bad idea as well lol!

Dinner for Schmucks

This movie is good. It was funny!

Piranha 3-D
Piranha 3-D(2010)

This movie is pretty good! Better than the scifi channel movie of piranha. A little bit too much focus on body parts though being eaten tough lol.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

You know i have to say Twilight Eclipse does not get much better. Better story than the first 2, but not much action as New Moon.


This movie is pretty boring and not really funny. The first 30 mins of this movie is the only things that i find funny and make sense. Zach Galifianakis is the only one that makes this movie funny, but he is only in it for the first 20 mins.


This movie was awesome! Christopher Nolan is a great director! This movie is sort of like the Matrix. They go and team up inside their dreams. This movie is really complex and really deep to understand, but it is awesome! This is sorta of how Christopher Nolan made the Dark Knight! This movie is probably Leonardo DiCaprio's best performance yet!

The Other Guys

This movie was funny! It was awesome!

Vampires Suck

It is only based on the TWILIGHT SAGA, no other vampire movies. The creators of Scary Movie made better spoof movie than this! They don't even mention other Vampire movie such as John Carpenter's Vampires, 30 Days of Knight, Daybreakers, Dracula, etc. This movie should really be called Twilight SUCKS lol!

The Last Exorcism

Thoughout this whole movie, you don't know if this priest is actually being professional or a fraud. This movie was a sort of an insult to Exorcist and Priest. An reverend who wants money to perform is an exorcism, that is just wrong! I didn't like that this movie used the first-person view footage (recording as a video).

Search for Santa Paws

This was a great movie. Sorta of a like a sequel to Snow Buddies.

Shrek Forever After

Man, they did a great job on making the concluding story for Shrek. The 3rd one was not that great, but this one makes up for that and it is as great as the first and second which were really great! I think it should have been longer though.

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

This sequel was actually quite good! They bring back the characters from the first one. Cats and dogs must work together, yeah! I wish Tobey Maguire would have played the voice of Lu again.


Man this movie was great! Is she a innocent or really a russian spy. Appears that there will probably be sequel to this! I would love to see that!

The Switch
The Switch(2010)

This movie is hilarious right from the beginning! From a crazy guy on the street repeatly yelling out inappropiate things about people he sees in front of him to a pregnancy party to killing lice.....the movie keeps you laughing!

Let Me In
Let Me In(2010)

Now this is a great Vampire movie! A romantic, horror, drama, combined! It's sad, but ends up good in the end.

Paranormal Activity 2

This is the same stupid stuff as before! I don't understand the connection between the first and second with the characters from the first showing up towards the end of the movie? Why do they show the couple that are in the first movie towards the end of this one. Then they jump back into the crazy girl being possed while holding the baby. Why the heck are they making a 3rd one ? This is the most rediculous movie ever!

My Soul to Take

It was a good story, but does not flow together. It seems as though they tried making the killer sound exactly like Freddy Krueger. Some of the things don't make sense. Scream 4 better be way better than this!!

Psych: 9
Psych: 9(2010)

This movie keeps you on the edge, keeps you guessing! It was a little confusing.

Stag Night
Stag Night(2009)

This movie was good! Everything flowed smoothly! However, some of the scenes had bad camera shooting as the footage was a little shaky

Mean Girls 2
Mean Girls 2(2011)

I will say this isn't bad but it's not that great either! They don't mention anything about the first and it's like they never heard of the plastics before. Seriously, hiding a dog in a purse and bringing the dog to school, how do you get a way with that! When Lindsay Lohan was playing Cady in the first one, she wasn't as annoying in the movie as Meaghan Martin is in this sequel narrating! In the first one, there was a math scholarship and in this sequel, it was an archatectual scholarship, but they don't have the competition in this one! The sequel was funny, but it could have been better!

The Fighter
The Fighter(2010)

This movie was great! May be boring in the beginning, but gets better!


This movie was pretty good! Kept you guessing!


Wow! This movie was so exciting! The thing that is the most annoying in this movie is the use of 20 Century Fox's news station showing the train!


This movie starts out slow, but gets faster as it moves along!


Wow, how many rediculous phone calls. How many people do you have to call to get help. Some of the things did not make sense in this movie.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

This movie was weird! Not really funny!

The Social Network

Rub it in our faces! How they made this facebook site lol! They might as well now they can make a movie based on how Microsoft, Apple, youtube, at&t, ebay, amazon, etc. all became famous. I don't see much of a message this movie is trying to get a cross to it's viewers, except how to make the best social network site and how to betray your friends while making it lol. Anyway the story is what is good in this movie.


Wow this movie is creepy and awesome! Don't see how it is called Dreamcatcher when it is about aliens!

It's Kind of a Funny Story

This movie is great! It's is hilarious and it can be educational! It may help you think about seeking help if your feeling down!

Saw 3D
Saw 3D(2010)

This was a huge disappointment. IT was not worth seing. The only thing good about this one is that they bring Cary Elwes back to play Dr. Gordon. However, this is like a repeat of the 4,5, & 6th. Same stuff. The traps completely suck. They already used the oven trap in Saw II. The whole film feels pushed. This movie could have definetely been longer. How can you set up a trap in public, there was no showing of setting that up.

Update: After watching it again! I actually enjoyed it! It seems better than Saw 4, 5, and 6. but not as good as the first, second or third!

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

I bet Warner Brothers wanted to have ownership of this movie because it reminds them of Harry Potter's owl lol! This was a good movie!

You Again
You Again(2010)

This movie was pretty good and hilarous!

Yogi Bear
Yogi Bear(2010)

There is some really funny sound effects that come from Yogi Bear. I don't know if it is done on purpose or if it was bad editing lol. It makes it the most hilarious part of the movie though, he gets thrown into the tree, he says "On the other hand..." (an eggcorn falls on his eye)...and he screams in a different voice lol! Anyway Yogi Bear is not good as Scooby Doo or Stewart Little, just to name a couple. It is okay, but some of the things don't make sense and of course, are just for laughter lol!


I have to say, this animation movie will probably change Disney animated movies now! I really liked this animation style, it is like the animation used in the Kingdom Hearts video game. Yes, every Disney animated movie has to have singing in it. This was a funny and cool movie! I think they could of named it "Repunzal", but I guess they wanted a more nifty title.

127 Hours
127 Hours(2010)

This is a must see movie! This could happen to any one! Keeps you on the edge of your seat! Leaves you with an feeling you won't forget! How would you like to accidently get stuck and couldn't move and had no way of getting help? This movie is similar to Buried (BUT WAY BETTER), Cast Away, and Vertical Limit! So if you liked these, you will definetely like this movie! The movie does not move at a slow pace. The ending is very powerful at the end!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1


Critics rate Harry Potter 7, so i will definitely rate Part 1 5 out 5 stars! A lot of action in this one compared to the previous ones! More characters from the previous ones we see again such as Dobby! Show more blood on characters in this one! Anyway can't wait for the conclusion of Harry Potter 7!


They have the description wrong for this movie! It is about the jungle coming to life and killing everyone because they remove the dagger from the dead corps. Pulling the dagger from its rightful resting place awakens the long-dormant plant creature - part plant, part animal, and all bloodthirsty -- and sends it on a feeding frenzy from which there seems no hope of survival or escape The mandrake plant was in Harry Potter and thats why I thought this movie was interesting! I would say this a good Scfy channel movie!

Due Date
Due Date(2010)

This movie isn't as funny as they make it seem. It is good though! The funniest scene was where Zach Galifianakis says "You better check yourself before you wreck yourself" lol!

Little Fockers

The 3rd installment of the Fockers is the best! This was is more funny than the previous 2. Greg is not as afraid of Jack in this one!!

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

Man, this movie is awesome! Its cool that the same actors from the original play in the new one! This movie has so many cool effects! The lighting on their clothes is amazing!

Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster

I have to say i did not like this one as much as the mystery begins with this cast. I wish they would make Scooby Doo 3D in theaters again already! Bring Back the old cast!

The Tourist
The Tourist(2010)

This movie was cool! Johnny Depp is always the best at his performance!

I Love You Phillip Morris

This movie is good and funny! It's hard to believe that this is based on a true story. How could they possibly not have tested him. This was in 2003, and Doctors didn't ask he was tested for that lol! This is hilarious. He was able to fool all of the doctors lol!


The movie is pretty good! Talk about werewolfs, now we have were-hyenas lol.

Drive Angry
Drive Angry(2011)

Wow! I think movie is cool in 3D. They showed a lot of things that pop out! This movie reminds me of the Terminator and Ghost Rider. You couldn't tell if William Fichtner's character was good or bad in this movie, untill the end lol.

The Green Hornet

This movie was awesome! They are super heros that want everyone to think they are bad, but do good! It's cool how Kato makes their Green Hornet vehicle indestructable with so many weapons and gadgets. It cool how Kato had the ability to slow down everything

Just Go with It

This movie is really funny! I think Adam Sandler's best performance since Funny People! The one of the most funniest part of this movie is the lady with the crazy eyebrow lol! That was hilarious!

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

The crazy witch still trying to come back is starting to annoy me. The 3rd installment is good, but not as good as the first 2. One reason for that is Disney did not do it! Another thing is this one is not as long as the first 2. The things that made it exciting was their crazy cousin turning into a dragon. Anyway as there are 7 books in the Chronicles of Narnia, they should probably not make the remaining ones ( The Silver Chair, The Horse and His Boy, and The Last Battle, and The Magician's Nephew) untill they can make them as good as the first 2 movies!

Gulliver's Travels

Wow this is more kind of a spoof movie of Gulliver Travels. It funny, but really not that good directing. I mean how did they big the house for Gulliver. Where is their electric plants on this island? lol

I Am Number Four

This movie was awesome! Great effects!

The Mechanic
The Mechanic(2011)

Wow! Great Action and Supense!

The Dilemma
The Dilemma(2011)

This movie was okay and funny, but not hilarious!

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Well I went to see it! It was awesome! Johnny Depp and Geofrey Rush make this movie as great as the first movie! The mermaids are the best part in this movie. They are killers lol. Jack Sparrow finally gets to see his true love lol. The only thing i didn't like was the ending in this one! The first 3 had better endings, but this one leaves you really hanging, which means there's definitely going to be another sequel!

Chain Letter
Chain Letter(2010)

The plot is all messed up!

True Grit
True Grit(2010)

I don't usually like Westerns, but this was pretty good!

Born to Fight (Knockout)

This movie was really good! I think this is Steve Austin first PG movie he plays in! This movie wouldn't have been good if Steve Austin wasn't in it!


Seems like these aliens are a mixture of creatures from different movies. They seemed to use things from The Matrix, Transformers, Independence Day, World of the Wars, etc. An alien that looks like the Sentinal from the Matrix was funny. jetplanes blowing up alien spaceships reminded me of Independence Day. The Giant Aliens looked like Transformers. This movie focused highly on more special effects than making the story connect. The sound effects were seemed distorted or the volume was low. Overall, even though the movie was focused alot on the 5 main characters looking out the windows of the aliens and the bright light, it was a lot of action and special effects that keep this movie exciting. By the ending, you can tell there's going to be a sequel and they have it planned for 2012. Hopefully, it will be even better and explain more!

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

This movie was so weird. A psychotic, schizophrenic, dulisional, crazy person does not believe dancing. She belongs in a mental hospital! I don't know what was scarier, her looking totally upset throughout the whole movie or her growing feathers out of her back.

Black Death
Black Death(2011)

Sean Bean is a great actor in these kinds of movies. Is it fear of disease or fear of the witches or is does it symbolize death. Pretty creepy though! This movie does keep you on the edge! It is not all gore either, so thats good! There are some bloody scenes, but not total goresome.

Vanishing On 7th Street

This movie is freaky thriller. Darkness destroyes main power sources and the only source of light you have to survive is backup power and battery power. Stay in the light and you will survive or become the darkness. Everything in this movie is good up to the end. The ending could have been better! Hopefully there will be a sequel to this!


This movie is really awesome! Wakes up from a 4 day coma, he can't remember who he was lol. Liam Neeson is a great in this movie!

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

I don't understand the deal with Trent being play by a different actor in this movie. He changed from a basketball player and karate kid to a rapper, that doesn't make any sense. I don't understand why Malcom picks his cousin for Trent to portray as. We have never even seen Malcom's cousin in any of the Big Momma movies. Any way this was funny just like the first two, but not much different.

Jennifer's Body

Megan Fox is nuts in this movie lol. She's a cannibal!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

It was awesome! Transformers 3 is better than the first 2!

Stay Alive
Stay Alive(2006)

Wow, this movie is cool! Killer videogame lol. The video game comes reality.

Red Riding Hood

Man, i have to say the director of twilight makes this movie way better! Thios is a great adaption of the classic tale. The climax is great, how they make Valorie go to grandma's house and the wolf is there! The ending is great as well! Hope they make a sequel to this!


This movie seemed pretty boring. It was like Beauty and the Beast, but not a actual beast, just a guy that get's a lot of weird tattoos all over him lol.


This movie was pretty cool! Projecting your body when your asleep.

Blue Crush 2
Blue Crush 2(2011)

I liked the first one better!

Season of the Witch

This movie was cool! Pretty predictable thouugh!

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch(2011)

This movie is awesome. It is sort of like Alice in Wonderland, but a lot of action. To deal with her pain and suffering, she imagines herself as a strong fighter!


I have to say this movie was good, but the first 30 mins are pretty boring! The rest of the movie is really exciting! This movie is similar to the movie The Descent, except involves more water and no creatures.


This movie is pretty good!

Silent Hill
Silent Hill(2006)

Really weird! Witchcraft! Great story! Big bugs, crawling deformed children, twisted people......really crazy stuff in this movie lol!


I have to say this movie may be a little stupid idea, but it is funny, the story makes sense, and they explain that things in movies and life don't all have explanations. Why does a tire blow people up? The answer is "for no reason" lol. This movie is similar to the movie Christine, the possessed car. However, we actually get the feeling of what the tire is thinking. This movie is hilarious, not really scary. You just see a lot of heads exploding off lol!

Battle: Los Angeles

Wow, this movie has Aliens that are more like soldiers and Terminators lol. They sound like the raptors from Jurassic Park. The sound effects are really cool in this movie. The aliens act more like human enemies. They don't appear to have special abilities like in other alien movie such as bleeding acid, invisibility, special weapons. The story was good in this movie and had plenty of action.

The Traveler
The Traveler(2010)

Pretty good! A lot of suspense.

Fright Night
Fright Night(1985)

Fright Night is one of the best vampire movies.

Win Win
Win Win(2011)

Hilarious Comedy Drama movie!


This movie was not that great! Doesn't make much since. How does the sun go down in 10 seconds? Why do the other priest want to track the one who broke the vows and don't believe him? The storyline was not that good!

Everything Must Go

This movie is little sad and funny. I have to say that Will Ferrell played better comedy-drama movie than this in Stranger than Fiction. It still was a good movie though.


This movie is awesome! Outstanding effects! Great Story! It's great action and also funny!

Elektra Luxx
Elektra Luxx(2011)

This movie has some funny moments! It was okay

A Horrible Way to Die

This movie did not make a lot of sense. I could not stand the camera footage of the blurred lights. I don't know what they were trying to do with those scenes except drive the audience crazy with showing blurry background christmas lights.


This movie is funny! It's funny when they dress up and imitate Darth Vader's voice. I never saw the original, but it seemed to be a good comedy with Russel Brand playing in it.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules

Wow this movie is so funny! It is more funny than the first one!

Jumping the Broom

Not very funny! Well when they got married at the end and jumped over a broom, that was funny and dumb lol.

Camp Hell (Camp Hope)

I don't know, but everything you do is evil. Go on dates, read magazines, go to amusement parks, etc. No wonder it's called Camp Hell.


This is the first funny R rated Alien movie that I have seen and it is hilarious. Seth Rogen does great at playing Paul, the alien. The way they show his emotions and eye moments are funny.

Take Me Home Tonight

This movie was funny. Some things did not make sense though. How was the ball made, how did he ride in the ball and didn't tumble inside. Why did the police not come to the dealership when they stole the car?

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Interesting movie about all kinds of monsters! Zombies, Vampires, werewolfs, ghouls, and demon beast, what a mix of genre. However, the narrating in this movie gets annoying.


Johnny Depp always does a great job! This movie was funny!

The Adjustment Bureau

Did not really enjoy this movie!

The Beaver
The Beaver(2011)

This movie was funny and a little sad. Mel Gibson is great at playing these kind of roles.

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

This movie is cool! A little confusing! He keeps going back in time for 8 minutes to find the bomber! This movie keeps you on the edge!

Your Highness

This movie has a lot of crude humor. The beginning is dumb, but gets more exciting. James Franco is not as good as he is in other movies. Natalie Portman is very stubborn in this movie, but it's hilarious! Zooey Deschanel does perform well in this, but she isn't as funny in this as in other movies.

Soul Surfer
Soul Surfer(2011)

This movie was okay. They could have made it more exciting!

Quarantine 2: Terminal

I really liked this one more than the first one! It's none of that shaky camera footage like the first one untill the end.

Fright Night 2

Not a masterpiece like the first, but it's great! Some things are not explained as much. There are more effects than the first one. More vampires exploding.


This movie bored me!

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D

Pretty lame compared to the previous 3. They should have just cut out the beginning, where she is fighting and about to have a baby. The talking dog was the only thing that kept this movie entertaining. The rest of the humor was lame.

The Dog Who Saved Halloween

This movie is pretty lame. Bad directing!

Tactical Force

Great Movie! Another great action movie with Steve Austin!

Conan the Barbarian

Haven't seen the original, but this movie is okay.

The Dead and the Damned (Cowboys & Zombies)

This movie is pretty good. Typical Zombie movie, but western style! There is no explanation where the meteor comes from! The ending makes the movie a little disappointing.

Howling: Reborn

This movie was awesome! It is more exciting the The Wolfman!


This hilarious movie is a must see! One of the funniest part of this movie is watching the 2 girls break so many laws of the road trying to get the police officers attention!

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher(2011)

This movie is really funny! Teachers should act like this! Movies through out the whole year! A's for giving money lol! Cameron Diaz is a crazy in this!

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

It was great that Wes Craven decided to make Scream 4 instead of doing a remake of the original! It turned out great. Scream 4 actually is sorta of like remaking the original because that's what the killer is trying to do in the 4th one, trying to react the original!

Faces in the Crowd

This movie was good! Kinda of funny seeing different faces every time you look at someone

Horrible Bosses

This movie is hilarious!


This movie is funny, but Kevin James is not that funny as he is in his other movies!

Spooky Buddies

This is the best Air biddies movie yet! Casper, the friendly ghost, is a puppy now lol!

The Caller
The Caller(2011)

Pretty creepy movie. Lady calling from the past and talking in the present. Weird!

Friends With Benefits

This movie is hilarious. It is just like the movie NO STRINGS ATTACHED, but better story!

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

This movie is highly likely to be nominated for an oscar! Steve Carrell is awesome in this movie! Great story! Hilarious!


This movie was pretty good! It cool they made a movie about the indoor roller rink.

Attack the Block

I thought this was going to be a lame B scifi movie, but this turned out to be great even with cast! It's aliens invading the hood. It's action packed and hilarious! The writers must have researched a lot of slang words to make this movie! Geat design of aliens, that are all back gorilla like and just have glowing teeth!


The ending ruins this movie!

Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America, great movie! Ending was confusing!


This movie is not that good with all the words being spoking mostly in foreign and you have to read what they are saying almost throughout the whole movie. It doesn't bother me, but many people don't like that. I can tell you the effects are not that good in this movie! The effects that were good was when the snake turn into a woman were pretty cool. The ending was pretty cool.

Green Lantern

This movie is awesome!!

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

Wow! This movie is awesome! Great Effects! You have to watch this movie more than once to completely understand it! This is a best steven speilburg movie since E.T. The alien in this sort of looks like E.T but more ugly! I can't believe this movie did not get the R rating with crude language and some bloody scenes.

Evil Things
Evil Things(2009)

Who wrote this movie, it is so messed up! A stalker with a video camera that wants to stalk and video tape groups of teenagers that also have cameras. This movie could have done better without the R rating. There is no scary monsters in this movie. It's more of a mystery and drama than horror movie.