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The Spirit
The Spirit (2008)
8 years ago via Flixster

Hilarius, no one relises it's a satire.
Will write review later.

American Psycho
8 years ago via Flixster

Spoilers ahead:
This movie was very well acted and written, I love the humor it uses! the funny parts make the creepy parts even creepier!!
Bale yet again makes an amazing additition to a great movie - it could be his best role! and Harron needs a round of applause, the cast was amazing. The imagery was brilliant, the script and the detail is amazing. The scenes were he is talking of his "problem" are great, I love the running theme of igornace, as no one listens to each other - The scenes whwere Bateman's insanity is overlooked are excellent, the way no-one notices him carrying a bodybag even though its bloodywell obvious, when he literarly tells of his psychopathic compulsions and people just look straight past his words, and when everything else he gets away with.
The moment with the police cars and his gun is hilarius, the look on bateman's face is truely priceless, The scene with the chainsaw - cleverly timed, and the scene with Paul Allen; Hilariusly disturbing.
Patrick Bateman will never cease to creep me out at the same time as gain my sympathy (is that weird? lol) and make me laugh as well as being smugly cool (I must sound rather odd haha), this is one of my favourite films of all time, grea plot, great acting, great cinamatography, great music, great everything!
I've read the book and I must say that I prefer the movie! Which is very unlikeme as usually I'd say an adaption is never as good as the original novel but I prefered the movie; Bateman seemed more original in the movie, among other reasons such as seeing the events was just more powerfull to me than reading about them, The book is very very good though, but the movie is a bloody masterpeice, my fave movie ever!