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2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

My first *must-see* movie recommendation of 2015 is easily the Australian science-fiction film "PREDESTINATION," starring Ethan Hawke and made by the guys who did "Daybreakers" a few years ago. It has flown under the radar in the U.S. without a proper theatrical release, but don't let that (or the generic-sounding title) fool you - this is, thematically, one of the most wild and interesting films I've ever seen. Fans of fare such as "Looper" or "Primer" should especially take notice.
It's impossible to give "Predestination" even a mild plot synopsis without heavy spoilers, so I won't even attempt to go there. In fact, this is *exactly* the kind of movie that rewards the viewer the less they know going in. Still need a hook? Well, let's just say it's about TIME TRAVEL, and it does that aspect better than just about any other movie I can think of. It absolutely requires a second viewing to catch all the clues, as one might expect, and the fun lies in putting together how everything adds up (or perhaps, doesn't...?).
Much like the television show "Lost," this film very much cares about its characters, realizing that without giving the audience a reason to invest in them, all the twists and dizzying reveals won't mean as much. Indeed, much of the first hour is a waiting game for the promised fireworks, but this is worth the time spent with the seemingly laboring back-story. The performances overcome what could easily have gone into unintentional comedy territory and deserve much credit for keeping the audience on board for the ride. Once the film gets into reveal-after-reveal territory, there's a lot to unravel.
Genre-savvy viewers may find that they can see one or more of the turns "Predestination" takes coming. The true beauty, however, is in how masterfully those turns interlock, leaving a high-minded science fiction yarn worthy of spending the *time* with.