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Curtain Call
Curtain Call(2000)

It's cute for a love story however, it drags and doesn't get interesting til half way thru it.

The Return of the Living Dead

this has got to be a "B" cult classic.... just seeing the big jock crying like a little sissy boy. it's comedy brings it to reality it is to be a comedic adventure.

Harsh Times
Harsh Times(2006)

I went thru it twice, first time I fell asleep. second time, wound up doing homework and listened to it. It just drags... very disappointing to see a great actor such as Bale in a film that obviously was way under his league. Freddy Ridrguez on the other hand I see as a very good actor and can make it further into higher profile films.


This is a movie I had to have in my collection. I couldn't pass up the chance to see it when I saw it on the list here on Flixster. I still think this is a must see for the "NEWBIES" coming into their own, to see how the history of the "Pink Triangle" came to be prior to the rainbow symbol.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

This film was written to show the power of family bonds can be so back breaking that people will become obligated to be responsible for the others. Sacrifing one's own happiness for the greater good of the whole. At least thats what I got out of it, and was able to relate since I had experienced the same although family members were different to those depicted here.

Dirty Deeds
Dirty Deeds(2005)

This is a cool movie. From start to finish, action all the way thru. Great flow, not one boring moment or lag of time. I'd highly recommend.

Alice in Wonderland

this wasn't the cartoon. very disappointed. some old black and white movie with clay-mation.