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Looks amazing, the comics are native to where I come from and are awesome, I can't wait for this

The Dark Knight Rises

Brilliant to a brilliant series. Great performances especially from Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine, Joseph Gordon-Lewitt and Ben Mendehlsonn


9. I remember wanting to see this when it came out when I was about 10 or 11. Despite being an animated feature it looked really dark, and I was right. This film had a very dark, post-apocyliptic setting that runs throughout and makes this film unique. The animation is beautiful, and the voice cast, which includes Elijah Wood, who I am a big fan of. The characters are intriguing and the adventure they have is interesting, as well as the discoveries about who they are and who created them are, too. over all, this is a great underrated flick with stunning visuals , a great script and story, and great voice acting. Take care.

The Dinner Game (Le Dīner de cons)

This film is a brilliant little gem. My Dad and I have always been quite interested in foreign cinema, especially French. My dad picked this up once and told me he quite enjoyed it, so, we watched it together. This film made me laugh numerous times, even to the point where I teared up. I really felt for the main character due to the excellent script, acting, and direction of the film. Jacques Villeret did an excellent job at portraying the "cretin" character, while the other actors are pretty good, nothing to spectacular though. Great laughs, great acting , great writing and direction, this film proves that you don't need lots of money to make a great movie.

The Big Lebowski

This, is as close to perfect as any comedy movie has ever been. The characters are all brilliantly crafted and acted, and the script will make you cry with hilarity. Plenty of quick jokes mixed with excellent direction and everything else that makes a film brilliant. Jeff Bridges is perfect as The Dude, who is one of the greatest characters of all time, while John Goodman shines as the aggressive, veteran psychopath Walter, as well as Steve Buscemi is brilliant as the quiet, non aggressive Donny. All the other performances are excellent too and make for great laughs from beginning to end. Great acting, script, direction and Germans you "vill cut of your Johnson!" this movie is the greatest comedy movie of all time, starring some of the greatest actors of all time, directed by two of the greatest directors of all time. Hope you enjoyed this review of my favourite comedy film. Take care.

Knight & Day
Knight & Day(2010)

Pulling out your own eyeballs through your buttocks using a rusty hook covered in tabasco sauce must be more enjoyable than watching this film. Horrible acting from Cruise and Diaz as well as everybody else. A horrible, horrible script with cheesy lines, lines that have the vocabulary intellect of a 5 year old, and it's packed full of cliches. I honestly counting to 20 and then stopped because it was two much, and that wasn't even from the beginning, Is till missed plenty sometimes they used two cliches in once. The direction is awful and it was clearly made purely for money. Tom Cruise plays an idiot who's clearly superman, or if various 80's movies about indestructible thugs have taught me, on PCP. While Diaz plays a dumb blonde, I mean DUMB, she lets Tom Cruise drug her TWICE without suspicion for crying out loud! There's one scene when they are getting attacked on the aeroplane and when he catches Diaz with his gun, rather than taking it off of her, he keep a hold of her arm and the gun and runs around using her arm to shoot people with for 5 minutes. What makes this worse is that I am a really big TOm Cruise fan, and it wasn't just the horrible script and writing that made his character bad, James Magnold really managed to get Tom to be HORRIBLE. I'm being generous giving it even half of a star, it's a superficial, money hungry, abomination of cinema and should be destroyed. Take care guys.

21 Jump Street

I wasn't expecting to like this but it was a very pleasant surprise. My big sister put this on and she has a reputation for having an awful film taste. It turned out to be a very self aware, funny, well acted piece of work. Jonah Hill, who usually sticks to films where he swears a lot and makes lots of bad sex jokes and passes it off as comedy put this time round he actually acted very well. The great script and Jonah's performance made the character seem real. Channing Tatum was his usual douchey self but hey, it worked. Ice T was slightly likeable but the same character as he is in EVERYTHING. A nice little appearance from Jake M. Johnson AKA Nick from New Girl, a brilliant cameo from Johnny Depp and Peter DeLuise from the original 21 Jump Street TV show, as well as the great acting(mostly), script and direction make this a great comedy movie. It may be unoriginal but it knows it and plays to it well. 21 Jump Street 2? Not looking forward to it, jokes will have worn out and everything that made this brilliant would be too. Take care!