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5 years ago via Flixster
Django Unchained

Django Unchained(2012)

Top 5 favorite movies...easily. We're talking Black Swan and Fifth Element level. Rarefied air stuff.

With Django Unchained, Tarentino accomplishes a few things...
* Set a spaghetti western in Mississippi (check)
* Pull DiCaprio out of his "depressed anti-hero" phase (check)
* Portray the darkest aspects of the antebellum American South with brutal honesty (check)
* Create a cinematic masterpiece sure to take the stage more than once during the Oscars (check)
* Invent the latest (greatest? try to name another one...) Black superhero in American folk legend (check)
* Do all of the above in a Hollywood blockbuster (check)

If I were to boil down into one word, I'd try this one: art.