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The Science of Sleep

The Science of Sleep(2006)

[indent][font=Georgia][i][size=5]The Prestige [img][/img][/size][/i][/font]
[/indent]in a year of one disappointment after another, it's nice that at least some of your most anticipated films don't let you down. Christopher Nolan and his [b]The Prestige[/b] didn't, and it is in fact one of the best films of last year. this makes him 4/4 (or 5/5 if you include his pre-[b]Memento[/b] film [b]Following[/b]). it's not a masterpiece like [b]Memento[/b], but it's another great film from Nolan who continues to impress. the only thing i'd say that keeps [b]The Prestige[/b] from that higher level is that most of it's twists and turns end up very obvious, surprisingly so. but also surprisingly was that i didn't really mind as much as i normally do when films aren't good at hiding their secrets. i guess that's mostly because it's such an entertaining, well-made film that despite it's obvious twists take the story right down the path we want it to. that i liked it as much as i did without the twists being such a major role of it certainly bodes well for future viewing as well, as so many movies with twists usually only are really great that first time. [b]The Prestige[/b] is great entertainment in every way, even more so than [b]The Illusionist[/b], though both are terrific films.[size=1]
[/size]The Science of Sleep [img][/img][/size][/i][/font]
[/indent]even though [b]Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind[/b] was my favorite film two years ago, i really wasn't looking forward to Michel Gondry's follow-up [b]The Science of Sleep[/b] all that much. i didn't really care for the trailer, and it seemed like Gondry was just trying to capitalize on [b]ESOTM[/b]'s success with another similar film. but now that i've seen it, [b]The Science of Sleep[/b] has to rate as one of very few films of 2006 that actually exceeded my expectations by quite a bit. i didn't just like it, i really liked it, loved it even. it's certainly not close to being on the same level as [b]ESOTM[/b], but it's still a fantastically imaginative ride of a movie. there are aspects of the dream sequences that gets some details exactly right from my own experiences, like how little mundane details of every day life can creep into your dreams. i can't claim that my dreams are as wild as Stephane's in this film, but it still strikes me as the closest visualization of dreams that i've seen. the love story at the heart of the film is very sweet too, and funny, and Gael Garcia Bernal and Charlotte Gainsbourg make for a very good couple on the screen. don't miss this!