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Chris Rock: Bring the Pain
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][font=times new roman][size=3][b]
Insanely funny stuff. [/size]

[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]His movies arent usually very good but this stuff is brilliant.[/font]

[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]I have actually only listened to the mp3s, but since this is a stand up routine I am guessing it is really all one would need.[/font]


[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=1](Rock, hosting the MTV video music awards)[/size]


Chris Rock: Bigger & Blacker
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][font=times new roman][size=3][b]
Insanely funny stuff. [/size]

[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]His movies arent usually very good but this stuff is brilliant.[/font]

[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]I have actually only listened to the mp3s, but since this is a stand up routine I am guessing it is really all one would need.[/font]


[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=1](Rock, hosting the MTV video music awards)[/size]


Freaks and Geeks - The Complete Series
12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[color=white][b]Happy Chinese new year.[/b] It is officially the year of the rooster.

... finally added in those pics from the tsunami fundraiser in that last entry. [/color]

[color=white]shot some photos last sunday. didn't have much time though, we had about 20-30 minutes and just quickly set up and tried to knock it out[color=white]. My friend here wants to be an actor one day. He even has a half-hour segment on our university[/color]'[/color][color=white][color=white]s news channel. He is seriously thinking about doing the whole [i]move to L.A. to make it as a star[/i] thing. Quite lofty dreams, but at least he has got some goals, so good for him.[/color]




[/color][color=cyan][color=white]my friend wanted some pics for her boyfriend for valentine's day:


[color=black][b][color=lemonchiffon]update*[/color][/b] [color=white]Talked to my friend today about how things went with her showing her boyfriend the photos. He lives in Austin and she's around the Dallas suburbs, so she drove down to see him for Valentine's. He just wanted any plain, ordinary picture of her so when he opened up to see the pictures he was speechless and kept saying "wow" over and over and told her it was the best Valentine's gift he had ever gotten. That made me feel really good to have helped out.[/color] [/color]

[color=orange]*[i]*[/i]* [b]*[/b] * * * * * * *[b]* *[/b]* **[b]*[/b]* * * *[i][b]*[/b][/i] [i]* * [/i]** *[b] *[/b] * * * *[/color]

[size=1][color=white]Thu Feb 10,10:12 AM ET[/color][/size][size=1][color=white]
[/color][/size][size=1][color=white][url="*"][img][/img][/url][/color][/size] [size=1][color=white]
[/color][/size][size=1][color=white]Doctors say the sudden death of a loved one really can cause a broken heart. In fact, they have dubbed the condition 'broken heart syndrome.' (AP Graphic)[/color][/size]

[color=palegreen]* * *[b][i] *[/i][/b]* * * * ** **[b]*[/b] ** [i]*[/i][b]*[/b]*[b][i]* [/i][/b]* ***[b] *[/b]* * * ** *[b] *[/b]*

[/color][/color][color=white][i]Kinda creepy, yet cool...[/i]

I stumbled upon these dolls from a review of the Ghost in the Shell sequel, [i]Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence[/i] -

[/color][size=1][i][color=white]A couple of weeks before the release of Mamoru Oshii's eagerly awaited follow-up to Ghost in the Shell, the cult cyberpunk anime that proved such a key influence on the Matrix films, an exhibition entitled Dolls of Innocence opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo. It showcased a number of works whose influence is heavily saturated within this second movie, including the twisted, disproportionate foetal forms of Hiroko Igeta, the grotesque ensemble of transmogrified bodyparts stitched together ad hoc by Etsuko Miura and the most crucial impetus according to Oshii, the heavily eroticised doll sculptures of German surrealist Hans Bellmer (1902-1975)...




click on the links on the left.



start at the bottom of the list for the more recent stuff which is better.

[/color][color=yellow]*[b][i]*[/i][/b]* [b]*[/b] * [i][b]*[/b][/i] [i]* * [/i]** *[b] *[/b] * * * *[/color][color=yellow] [b][i]* [/i]*[/b] * * *[b]* [i]*[/i][/b]* **[b]*[/b]* * * *[i][b]*[/b][/i][/color]

House of Flying Daggers
12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[size=1][color=white]Well, I guess it's update-the-journal time. My keyboard at home is messed up and a couple of helpful keys aren't working. [/color][/size][size=1]

[size=2][b][color=pink]* [/color][/b][color=pink][i]* [/i][/color][b][color=pink]* * * [i]* [/i]* * * ** [i]* [/i]* * [/color][/b][color=pink]*[/color][b][color=pink]* *[/color][/b][i][color=pink]* [/color][/i][b][color=pink]** [/color][/b][color=pink]*[/color][b][color=pink] ** [i]*[/i]* * *[i] *[/i][/color][/b][/size]

[/size] [size=1][color=white]Several weeks ago my boss organized a relief fund for tsunami victims. It took about 10 days to whip up this charity ball and we pulled in over 150,000 dollars. He wasn't the only one who contributed of course, I helped and all too. . . ok, and a lot of other people... and many, many local asian businesses chipped in. I didn't see his name or his company's name anywhere on the program's list of contributing companies, so I thought that was pretty classy of him. [/color][/size][size=1]

[/size] [size=1][color=white]About 1,200 people showed up that night. They auctioned off stuff and some of the richer people donated some lovely amounts of money. City council members, government officials and "pillars of the community" type people were honorary guests. [/color][/size][size=1]

[/size] [size=1][color=white]In conjunction with the Thai Red Cross, they have agreed to take the money to build a daycare for 200 children in a ravaged village in Thailand that will provide food and education. [/color][/size][size=1]

[/size] [size=1][color=white]Some pics...[/color][/size][size=1]

[/size] [size=1][color=white]a big-label Thai singer came and sang...[/color][/size][size=1]

[/size] [size=1][color=white]she asked if anyone wanted to dance with her and this old man got up and started busting out the dance moves. what's funny is that he was dancing at the christmas party and I thought it was hilarious that he was just dancing like there was no tomorrow... then he was at the New Year's party dancing up a storm, and then when singer asks if anyone wanted to join her, guess who steps up the plate? the old man.[/color][/size][size=1]

[/size] [size=1][color=white]some attendees:[/color][/size][size=1]

[/size] [size=1][color=white]a hispanic dance troupe entertained for us. we had a silent auction right before they danced. when they finished the lady on stage asked,"can we auction them? I want to buy one." much to crowd's delight.[/color][/size][size=1]


[size=2][color=Orange][b]*[/b][i]*[/i][b] * * [i]*[/i]* * *[/b]*[b] ** * *[i] *[/i] * * [/b][i]* [/i][b]*[/b][i]*[/i][b] * [/b][i]** [/i][b]* ** * [/b][i]*[/i][b]* [/b][i]*[/i][b] * *[/b][/color][/size]

[/size] [size=1][color=white]Ever see a stranger with a deformity and you can't help but stare? you know, half-repulsed/half-intrigued and you have to restrain yourself from blurting out, "what the %$*@!#*$% happened to your( [u]insert mangled/deformed/oozing body part[/u])?"[/color][/size][size=1]

[/size] [size=1][color=white]Last week I saw this guy that was a hispanic version of that Sloth kid from The Goonies. Unparallel eyes and everything. But with a full head of hair. Seriously.(This was at a Wal-Mart, BTW) I don't stare too long though, so as not to hurt the guy's feelings but once he turns around I'm rubbernecking like Mr. Fantastic driving past a 4 car pile-up on I-30. [/color][/size][size=1]

[/size] [size=1][color=white]I remember my first week at work I saw a co-worker that seemingly had one hand. My wild imagination went, err, wild, and I started theorizing gruesome incident after gruesome incident about what happened. [/color][/size][size=1]

[/size] [size=1][color=white]I kept trying to sneak a peak at her hand (or lack thereof) but never really had any excuse to be standing around her doing nothing but gawking at her arm. Well, over time I noticed that she actually did have a hand but it was underdeveloped - her fingers were like tiny balls the size of baby toes. I don't want to possibly offend her and ask " 'Sup with the hand?" but I'm curious. [/color][/size][size=1]

[/size] [size=1][color=white]How do you bring something like that up when you don't know their sensitivity level? You're intrigued but don't want them to feel like a sideshow attraction. [/color][/size][size=1]

[/size] [size=1][color=white]Back in highschool I got to go to this elementary school to teach these kids how to draw for "Arts Day." My art classmates, Claire and Adam were there with me. Every hour or so a new batch of kids streamed in to receive our lesson. As we are handing out pencils, Adam taps on my shoulder and goes, "Uhhh... I got a problem here..." I look at him and then stare to where he's staring... and there's this little girl with no hands! Just stumps in the middle of her forearms. I was afraid of what to do - what if we give her a pencil and look like a total assholes when she obviously points out that has no hands, or what if we don't give her a pencil and look like jerks for thinking she can't draw like the rest of the kids. My solution was to avoid handing each pencil out individually like before, and just lay a pile of them in the middle the table... but I went to Claire first. I whisper the situation to her and she goes, "Oh, that's my little sister's friend. She can write with a pencil." Surprised, we gave her a pencil and watched in amazement and she drew by putting the pencil in the crease of her elbow and the end of her other arm provided stability. We were just blown away. [/color][/size][size=1]

[/size] [size=1][color=white]My coworker just informed that I could ask that tiny-handed coworker to let me touch her fingers. I gave her a weird look. I don't think I could ask her to let me do that. My coworker is still trying to reassure me that it would be fine. But I think I'll pass.[/color][/size][size=1]

[/size][/size] [size=1][color=white][size=2][color=lemonchiffon]*** * ** * *** ** * * * ** ** * * *** * * ** * * * ** [/color][/size][size=2]*[/size] [/color][/size]

Versus (2000)
13 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[font=times new roman][size=3]

[b]Pretty nifty flick. D[/b][font=Arial][b]escribed by its director as: [/b]


[b][font=Arial][size=2]"Five Yakuza thugs, two escaped convicts, one evil wizard, and a forest full of gun-toting zombies. Mix with gasoline and serve. High on style, low on budget, delivering non-stop, blood-spurting fun, it's Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD for a new millennium."[/size][/font][/b]

* * *

[b]Look at what I made last night.[/b]
[b]A delicious Japanese confection called, Mochi (MOH-chee). I made this before, but this time I actually found some red bean paste (manju) to add as a filling. This kind of mochi cake is called, Daifuku. This stuff is eaten traditionally in the winter and specifically New Year's. Mochi rice is sweet,short-grained, and very glutinous. The traditional way to make it is by pounding the rice in large tubs until it becomes extremely sticky. I dont have the time or tools to pound the rice, so I just used Mochi rice flour instead. When done steaming it is then formed into balls or squares and can be eaten as is or a filling can be added. You can also fry it or put it into a soup (which makes it all gooey). The gooeyness is a bit of problem and each year the number of mochi deaths are reported on TV and in the newspapers. Check it out...[/b]

[b]Eat at your own risk.[/b]