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Jason's Review of The Bogus Witch Project

7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Bogus Witch Project

The Bogus Witch Project(2000)

This new DVD is a compelation of a bunch of knock-offs, parodies, and spoofs of The Blair Witch Project along with other horror-themed comedy. This disk should not be tossed aside lightly... it should be thrown with great force!

Out of all of the endless spoof capitilizing on the Blair Witch, this has got to be the most elementary. The Bogus Witch Project makes The Scooby Doo Project look like freakin' Chaucer! Avoid this DVD at all costs! It's stupid, it's insipid, and it's just there to suckle on the hype generated from the upcoming Blair Witch 2.

One of the funniest thing about this whole DVD is the fact that the cover exclaims proudly that Pauly Shore is the star of the feature... despite the fact that he only appears in five minutes of it. Not a bad thing, of course... after all less Pauly Shore is more but no Pauly Shore is best.

God, this DVD blows.