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Batman Gotham Knight

Batman Gotham Knight(2008)

A few years back, there were animated companions coming out for every damn movie in theaters. Riddick had one, Van Helsing had one, The Matrix had one. Some were pretty good, others were so forgettable that I can?t recall a single darn thing about them. Now it looks like the tradition is being revived with Batman: Gotham Knight in which six different animators get a shot at showing off their own take on the Caped Crusader.

The first story is called ?Have I Got a Story for You? and, derivative of the Batman animated episode, ?Tales of the Dark Knight,? a bunch of kids get together and relate their tales of running into Batman. One sees him as a robot, one sees him as a bat-creature, and one sees him as a moving shadow. I liked the story, but I felt as if I?d already seen it once before.

Next is ?Crossfire? in which two of Gotham City?s police officers discussing the Batman while transferring a prisoner and, yes, it?s just as boring as it sounds.

?Field Test? is more like it as Batman tries out a brand new defensive weapon in taking on the mob. This segment captures Batman?s reverence for life, no matter how dirty it is.

The fourth segment is called ?In Darkness Dwells? and, in it, Batman comes cowl to snout with Killer Croc as he investigates what The Scarecrow is up to. I can?t help but think that this segment should have been better than what we ended up with. Sure, the look at Killer Croc was cool and everything, but when it gets bogged down in the Scarecrow business, it becomes less and less interesting.

?Working Through Pain? is an insightful and thoughtful look at how Batman deals with hurt. It?s told through a combination of flashbacks and a present-day tale of an injured Batman trying to get to safety that is both perceptive and sad.

?Deadshot? come last and has Batman facing a deadly assassin. It?s big gratifying ending to the compilation and has the first really satisfying bat-action. Just balls to the wall action.

Gotham Knight is a somewhat unbalanced affair, but it?s a must have for fans of DC animation as it welcomes back Kevin Conroy as the voice of the Bat. Personally, I liked half of the segments and didn?t care for the others, but it is passable and a nice companion piece for The Dark Knight.

Just don?t get your expectations up too high for this one.