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Starsky & Hutch

Starsky & Hutch(2004)

Yay! Three movies!

Firstly, Touching the Void is a documentary about these two mountain climbers in the Andes, and how one had to cut the cord at a very bad time. The cinematography is excellent, the film is fascinating and terrifying at once. My only gripe (though I find it somewhat significant) is that it's a little superficial. What you see in the film is what you get. Although there are some deeper themes of survival and the choices we make, the interviews interestingly don't probe as deep as they could. Still, well worth anyone's time.

The third Harry Potter movie forced me into a position I didn't expect: I think I'm starting to love the Potter-verse. The first two were cheery and enjoyable, though somewhat pedestrian. However, this film, fueled by a truly rapid pace from Alfonso Cuaron, leaps into darker territory. It feels like a more confident entry, and one a bit more mannered (the second film felt bloated at times). The best aspect? A time-bending climax that is among the most brilliant uses of the plot device, bookended by CGI camera moves through a giant clock that boggle the mind. Great film.

Finally, Starsky and Hutch has one of the most tired of all storylines, but thank God the filmmakers had the good sense to cast Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in the film. Snoop Dogg and Will Ferrell in key roles also provide for some great fun. Not a whole lot of anything going on, but what's here gets the job done, at times with flair.