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13 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


My digital animation saga interests me greatly, though it interests others little. Regardless, I continue, thoroughly gleeful of how fascinating 3d modeling is.

Today I spent time finishing up another digital project, but my full attention is pretty much on my one-minute final. The one with spaceships dogfighting. I've been finishing up the basic animatics (some quickly rendered wireframes), and today I started the final model of my alien creature which, while obviously simple compared to Hollywood standards, has me grinning right now. I am so proud of this work, and no grade now can really quantify what an accomplishment this is for me.

Ahhh . . .

In other news, just got back from KBV2. A fantastic continuation of a fantastic story. I also love how this film evokes Westerns, with a touch of kung fu, while the first evoked kung fu, with a touch of Westerns. I personally like the split of the films. I still think a three hour + runtime would be somewhat unfitting to an homage to the quick, cheap movies that Tarantino fell in love with. The fights and confrontations in this one evolve in such interesting and unexpected ways, and I liked the attention to the characters. Easily the best film I've seen this year.

Also, watched May last night. It was on, and I couldn't sleep. Still a powerful, effective horror film. Though the last twenty minutes may seem shocking, I think McKee gives us strong hints and ideas of what's coming.

Buffaluffasaurus recommended that I check out Wages of Fear, a Henri Clouzot flick (Clouzot is the guy behind the ingenious Les Diaboliques). Wages involves some guys who are paid high money to do something incredibly stupid: haul nitro across treacherous, rocky roads. Will they make it? A fine question.