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Pitch Black
Pitch Black (2000)
13 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Now, I have finished Pitch Black. Firstly, everyone should know that me writing about anything at all when I am this tired is quite dangerous. I could very easily hurt someone, so please, be careful, and you are forewarned.

Pitch Black stars the gruff, tough, and of very few words Vin Diesel. He plays Riddick, a very dangerous convict/murderer. The transport he is on crashes, and he escapes, much to the concern of the others who were onboard. He is blamed for the death of one of the crew, but he knows that there are other things they need to worry about besides himself. They all soon discover that there are creatures there who only come out in the dark, but since there are three suns, it is always light. Lucky for them, a eclipse that hasnt occured for 22 years is going to take place. They must rely on Riddick and his eyes(he had his eyes operated on and made so he could see in the dark)to lead them to safety.

Now, say what you will about Diesel, but here in this role, he shines. He truly becomes Riddick, who by the way is a really wonderful anti-hero. I know I shouldn't be rooting for the bastard...But dammit, he is just too cool! :) All of the other acting in the film is top notch as well.

I have heard this film compared to Alien countless times. And while it does share a similar claustrophobic feel to it, they really do feel like completely different films. Twohy has great flair, I have not seen The Chronicles of Riddick yet, but I have high hopes. I do expect a much different film, but Riddick is a great character, and I really look forward to seeing more about him. Pitch Black is a very good film. It has a fairly unique feel and look to it, it features very admirable acting from all involved, a good script, and a style that I truly enjoy. Make sure that if you see the film to see the Unrated Directors Cut. I have seen both, but very far apart so I cannot recall much difference, but most say that the directors cut is far superior. I would go more in depth on the film, but I am quite tired, and mostly wanted to just get the recommendation out there.

Ok, Rt'ers who are already in bed anyways, I too head off to sleep. Hopefully. I just purchased I, Robot by Isaac Asimov and have not had a chance to start it...Did anyone else know that the upcoming film is based on the first in a series of very well thought of science fiction novels? I just found this out when I bought the book, and now I feel the urge to finish it before I see the movie. Oh no...Rambling...This is getting risky! LORD! MUST SLEEP! GOODNIGHT RT! I LOVE YOU ALL! *runs away at an insane speed and literally flys into bed*

13 Going on 30
13 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

When I first saw the film "13 going on 30" advertise, my hopes for it weren't quite that high. It just didn't seem that interesting to me, and many of the scenes, being out of context as they were, seemed just, well, cheesey. Then the reviews started being published, and surprisingly, they were fairly positive overall. Then two good friends of mine recommended it to me, and I decided to go see it for myself.

So I did, and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. The film just has a lot of charm and is extremely well executed. Sure, it has its contrivances, and maybe you know what is going to happen not too far into it, but, as the films main character asks, have we not all wanted to change something, get a second chance at something that we let go? I do believe that if anyone would push away their jade, they could enjoy this film.

The performances contained in this film are all quite good. Jennifer Garner just shines in this role. She pulls off the wonderful naiveness that, sadly, everyone of us seems to lose. For true love does exist, and it is sad that to believe, or even rely on it, is considered naive. I want to be naive, if that is naive. I want a second chance at certain things that have left. I think everyone has wanted that at some point.

So I say, go see this film. Let yourself remember what that "naiveness" feels like. This film is genuinely funny, smart, and touching.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence
13 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A true masterpiece, in every way possible. The directing, the special effects, the acting, the story. All top notch. Touching, heartwrenching, moving, wonderful. These are all words that can be used to describe the film. Loved it. 10/10