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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Iron Lady

The Iron Lady(2012)

What a dull, languid affair. Basically, everything that I expected out of it. This Margaret Thatcher biopic is as lifeless as it gets, about one foot in the grave, much like old-age Thatcher is in this film, reflecting on her life, or is it the unfocused direction and writing? Meryl Streep ticks all the boxes in approximating Thatcher quite nicely, except that the script gives her basically no soul whatsoever, let alone real principles to boast about. It's about the impression of having principles rather than something bona fide to stand for, just like it apes all the political gesturing and ascent and demise, etc. etc.

The Iron Lady tries to garner sympathy by showing an old woman, career long past and death not far away, come to terms with her life and her dead husband in a way that really could've been any lonely geriatric. It just happens to be Margaret Thatcher in this case. And I came away from the film not knowing anymore about her, other than the historical events that she presided over (courtesy of a few obviously-placed newsreel montages). But there appeared to be no effort to mine any meaning from Thatcher's life whatsoever - the first female prime minister of the UK, but not really shown as a truly powerful person here other than having a stern British accent - making this film both a missed opportunity and probably a little demeaning.