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Starchaser: The Legend of Orin
13 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes


WotW[/b] is less fun at home. Those awesome tripod things really need a big screen to be fully enjoyed. The effects still look spectacular, but there's just something about having those things huge and right in your face that createsa higher feeling of breathlessness than my 34" TV can initiate. Watching this the day after watching PJ's [i]Kong[/i] again was probably a mistake.

I still like the things I liked before, the little screaming girl has never bothered me (during a real life alien invasion most little girls will scream just like that so get used to it), Tom Cruise might be playing it a little over the top but he's okay, the oldest son is still a bit annoying (and shows a flaw in the whole thing if you ask me...time moving too fast as the son is ready to join the fight against these creatures the day after it happens...perhaps some date/time labels would've helped keep it in perspective, of course that might've taken away a sense of disorientation...helll, I don't know! :( ), the design of the tripods is still amazing (although I feel Spielberg put most of his eggs in one basket with those tripods). Unfortunately, none of the other alien stuff measured up to those amazing vehicles. To the film's credit, those tripods look huge as they should and blend with the non-cgi beautifully. The ferry scene is the one point that keeps me from breathing for a bit. But perhaps Spielberg should've taken us inside the tripods as they are being control, and perhaps show us the alien planet (that he says is the same planet E.T. was from, just the darkerside of the place).

Anyway, there's several pieces of masterwork in this film that remind me who made it. It'll take a few more viewings at home before I can just sit back, relax and fully enjoy.



They goofed on the DVD cover and in the film. This is actually [b]Star Wars: The Animated Movie[/b]. That's Luke Skywalker with the lightsaber on the cover, you can also see Princess Leila, Han Solo, and an oddly more feminant C3PO. To the left of Luke is the evil Darth Vader. The cruise around the planets in the Millinium Falcan getting into all kinds of adventures and battling the many stormtroopers (who sport these crazy laser whips). It's all most excellent!


Seriously, this is more "Star Wars" than the Star Wars prequels were. George Lucas would've done good to study this little bit of 2D animation from the 80s before going ahead with his flawed attempt to continue the series. They really got it right. It's Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica (maybe a little Beastmaster/Conan) throw in. At one point the characters on one ship are in a despirate situation and I yelled at the screen "oh, just beam em aboard, you haven't ripped off Star Trek go'head!!!" :p

But it's pretty good. I wasn't totally in the mood for it so my rating is subject to change. The transfer is probably a good representative of the shape of the best print available. Old 2D animation with the same oddities as a Bakshi DVD would be. A little messy, just the way it was when originally in theaters.

Horrors of Spider Island
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[b][u]Saturday, Sept 30, 2006-final Day/Horrorthon Warmup '06[/u]
91. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. (1986) [/b] A hellish nightmare that takes place partly in a radio station? Hell, I'm there! Awesomely good sequel to the original classic. THE highlight of my movie watching weekend. I liked it much more than last year (when I had a problem with Hopper and the reimaging of the famed "dinner scene", I had no such problems this time). I do advise that fans of the original not view these one after the other or [b]TCM2[/b] will come of as lacking. But in itself it's a damn good horror movie. Uncomfortable at times and oddly funny too! I love the DJ lady and her engineer. Awesome! 8/10 [img][/img]


The famouse "Breakfast Club" poster. Stupidty it didn't make the cover of the DVD release. Big WTF!
92. Day of the Dead. (1985) [/b] The 2nd sequel to Romero's [i]Night of the Living Dead[/i] has an easy pace but a lot of very good (very creepy) ideas. I quite like it and really need to upgrade my VHS. It has one of my favorite scenes in any of these films (the half a head looking around). Also a favorite character: the awesome "Bub". I welcome a remake to this. Can't wait to see it. 8/10 [img][/img]
93. Horrors of Spider Island. (1960) [/b]Some horror/porn for my pleasure. :p Lots of b&w honeys crash land on an island and soon the only guy "available" (if you follow me) is bitten by a goofing looking spider effect and he turns into a spider himself. Damn the luck! That would happen to me...isolated with a dozen hot looking chick and then I'd be turned into an incompatable species of some sort. Me: "come on baby, I can use my spinnerette!!". I watched the version shown on the bad movie mocking show Mystery Science Theater 3000. It's funny, and kind of hot with all those chicks running around removing their clothing and so forth. Nearly soft porn. 4/10 [img][/img] (MST3K upgrade 9/10)


[b] 94. Lady Frankenstein. (1971) [/b] More softporn and goofy effects. I didn't enjoy this all that much. It's just a retelling of the classic story with some nudity. Big whoop! [img][/img] I'd originally planned on Kenneth Branaugh's Frankenstein flick but bailed out because I was tired and a neighbor's visitor showed up with a boom car and created a lot of frustration. This was a poor subsitute for Branaugh's excessive so-bad-it's-good masterpiece. For those who love that film forgive me, I just laugh and laugh and laugh. As for Lady Frankenstein, there is really nothing new here. 5/10 [img][/img] (laugh-at-it upgrade 7/10)

[size=4][b] 95. Dark City. (1998)[/b][/size] I needed something great to end the warmup on. This was it. This strange Twilight Zone kind of story is among my favorites. It's disorienting as it opens, then you begin to think you know what's going on, then you realise you don't, and then all is revealed. Just an outstanding closing of the day( and warmup)...from [i]TCM2 [/i]to [b]Dark City[/b]. [img][/img] 9/10 [img][/img]




[b]** I started the Horrorthon on Sunday morning. It went pretty good. Reviews coming up. **[/b]

Malenka (Fangs of the Living Dead)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Let me get this out of the way... I love voluptuous italian vampire chicks running around basements of an old dusty castles as much as the next horny bastard. But this film has problems!! An example: it features a cat fight that's nearly all facial close ups!! Miss all that jiggling? What were they thinking?!! At least there's plenty of nice big boobs stuffed into tight dresses to look at (iow, several ladies look like they have an extra butt sticking out of the top of their dresses :p ).

Well, I was a little depressed yesterday so I hoped this would be a laugh riot in the unintentional way I love so much. There was some great dialogue here and there but not enough. I think MST3K could've had a lot of fun with this. Furthermore, a decent transfer would be much more appealing visually, thereby raising it's enjoyment level by a point or 2....perhaps.