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Unknown World

Unknown World(1951)

[b]A Mighty Wind. (2003) [/b]
[size=1]I watched this scene on youtube before watching the movie...so I had hiiiigh hopes. :([/size]

Found this at a Fred's Discount Store at 2 for $5. Cool! I also picked up Anchor Bay's Incredible Hulk double feature set with 2 movies from the old Bill Bixley/Lou Ferigno show. So that's 3 flicks for $5. Neat!

This film started very well but then dipped badly at about 40 minutes. I just stopped laughing and it was becoming a chore to watch. Luckily once the concert starts it shoots upward very sharply. I'll definitely give this repeat viewing since I felt it does many things right, but I'll not expect [i]Tap[/i] with folk music next time. It didn't quite come close to that level. Still, there's some pricelss moments among what isn't so priceless, including the first rate [i]fake[/i] folk music. I think they should've given the between music moments more attention in the writing process. 7/10 :fresh:

[b]Unknown World. (1951) [/b]
[size=1]Well, it's not really "unknown" is it? I mean, like, we know it's down there, right? [/size]

I paid 25 cents for this film that must be the brother of "Journey to the Center of the Earth" that has a bickering troup of pioneers bent on saving humanity by travelling in a [url="http://www.collectorcarbuff.com/collector/mercury_custom.jpg"]1950 Ford Mercury[/url] shaped vessel deep down [i]dooooown[/i] into the earth. I'll bet the special effects guy throw a couple of rolls of quarters on those effects. As cheesy as they are, those backdrops probably took 10 gallons or more of paint, loads of plywood and canvas. That shiiit ain't cheap!! Luckily this film is able to rise a little above that cheesiness. It can be laughed at if you'd like (indeed, those MST3K guys somehow passed over this gem somehow) but I found the story material interesting enough to sit back and enjoy many portions. Sure, it's weak all around but not as terrible as the 4/10 rating on imdb.com would have you believe. The bulk of those voters must be younger than 15. On the other hand, this same thing has been done much better countless times, particularly the James Mason adaption of [i]Journey to the Center of the Earth[/i] also from the 1950s and even the goofy [i]At The Earth's Core[/i] with Doug McClure and Peter Cushing from the 1970s. You can spit in the video store and probably hit one that's better. 6/10 :fresh:

[b]Little Boy Lost. (1978)[/b]
[size=1][i]"Bobby?!!!" "Cindy!!!!!" "...Mike, where are they?!!!" "Carol, I don't know! Where the hell is Alice?!! Alicccccccce....!!!"[/i][/size]

Paid 50 cents for this some time ago. Now I can't return it!! No, the movie is okay but the DVD quality is shiiit! The sound began to travel. Eventually I was able to time the first movement of the mouth up to when the actual dialogue begins and I swear to God it was 2 entire seconds! There are scenes starting with the dialogue from the previous scene still going. yeah, it ruins a pretty decent film but it also provided some laughs. There's one dialogue exchange that had me in the floor because an elderly lady was talking with the voice of a young dude, yep, they'd exchanged voices and her mouth movements somehow FIT! I won't rate this for that reason. I felt it wasn't a bad film...following the aftermath of what happens when a little 4 year old Austrailian boy "goes walkabout" and wanders off from his daddy's farm. The film spends a lot of time with the concerns of the search party that forms and why it seems to be failing. Smartly it avoids the little boy since the kid they got is pretty weak a little actor. But what the hell is he gonna do? He's 4!! But it works pretty good. I do think the film's running time could've been reduced from 90 minutes to an hour or less by removing a little of the monotonus shots of people "searching"...it's like that "Bobbeeeee...Cindeeeee?!!!" Brady Bunch episode. [i]Mike! Carol! Just find those damn kids and shut up!!! [/i] For this film based on a real event, maybe more personal stuff about the people effected would've been more rewarding and effective emotionally me thinks? Still, nothing terrible here. The ending is emotional and maybe even tear inducing. This is also safe for smaller children and could teach them what to do if they get lost. Follow the fence?!!! Well, maybe...but allowing themselve to BE found would be a good lesson here. One thing about it though...the music and b&w still picture of the "lost boy" in question scared the shiiit out of me. Was that the purpose? It was like something out of Tobie Hooper's TCM!! I got chills. 7/10 :fresh: