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Sisters of Death

Sisters of Death(1976)

My God, what a weekend! But never mind about my continued problems. I certainly got in some awesome movie watching to help me escape the rediculous stress of living in the vicinity as what must be described as the neighborhood dog kennel.

[size=1]I just hope this suit has a breathable cotton panel. [/size]

I was determined to watch the Star Wars prequels and give them the best chance to impress. [b]Episode One[/b] has always been a fun time for me even with that annoying little kid who doesn't really grab this viewer. I don't buy him for a single second as "the chosen one". Nope. But as usual I just go along for the ride and things are fine and dandy. I've never had a problem with Jar Jar. Now, Jar Jar's people as a whole are overly cartoonish and often bring too much humor to scenes that maybe shouldn't have so much (battle scenes) and not enough humor to scenes that should maybe get some (long bit of borderline boring dialogue) but I still like them. They're like simpleton hippies.


Saturday morning I got up and watch a film that's often dismissed as a group of loosly strung together Loony Tunes cartoons. [b]The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Movie[/b] is more like a lightweight Loony Tunes history lesson with Bugs acting as host, treating the viewer to what may be the funniest cartoons ever made. All my favorites are here, in their entirity save for opening and closing credits (title cards are intact), including the one with Daffy Duck as Robin Hood, Bugs the bullfighter, and "Kill da wabbit!!". More yucks than you can shake a carrot at! This version was recorded off cable so there shouldn't be edits. The new hosting bits with Bugs are nowhere near as funny as the classic toons themselves but it acts as a good way to string all this fun together. Another Looney Tunes film [i]Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island[/i] doesn't do this as well since it redoes some of the moments from the original toons to match the new stuff. Well, I guess it works to string it together better, but diehard fans of the show don't want it that way. Just the toons! Anyway, I enjoyed this emencely, even though they seem to rush the coyote/roadrunner stuff at the end by not interrupting with the new Bugs Bunnys bits.

[b]Attack of the Clones, Star Wars episode II[/b] is a toughie. I have to be real forgiving since Hyden has never rubbed me the right way. Everybody else has done pretty good settling into their roles but he's the new kid and it shows badly. Just like the little kid from the first prequel, I just don't buy this guy as anything special. :( But I figured if I can watch and enjoy Christopher Atkins in [i]The Pirate Movie[/i] I can watch and enjoy this as well. I did wince during the "you're not like sand" bit. But I was just fine throughout the rest. This is good sci-fi and that's all there is to it! Not enough these days so this'll have to do.

Finally, for the first time I was able to sit down and give the final prequel [b]Episode III[/b] all the chance I could to impress me. I gotta say that this nearly redeems the problems with the first two. Hyden isn't bad at all as the future Darth Vader, and I was impressed with the transformation even though it did seem a little rushed at times. Visually this may be the most stunning sci-fi film ever made. Eye-candy in spades! Puts everything else to shame. I was presantly surprised about the amount of homeages (or just things borrowed from other films). I noticed stuff from [i]Star Trek, Lord of the Rings[/i] and many others even the [i]Lost in Space[/i] film. The coughing robot was interesting. I was thinking, coughing robot? How? Then when they showed what the deal was I was very pleased. :D Really good film that may warrant a 10/10 out of me upon future viewing. Nice job George! I like you again! :p


Okay, so I sit down to [b]Sisters of Death[/b], watch the whole thing and to my dismay I find that there are no black women featured in it. [i]Sisters! [/i]Not[i] sistas!![/i] :( At any rate, there's some PG-rated pale skin involved in this revenge story with a dizzying amount of twists right at the end that'll make you jump up and say, [i]awww fu ck it, I don't care if VP Cheney jumps up with a hunting rifle and blows the cast away, this film sucks a fat one![/i] 5 stars for a few unintentional laughs and the fake spider full of vanilla puddin. :up: