JamesPerry's Rating of 5 tombe per un medium(Tombs of Horror )(Terror-Creatures from the Grave)(Cemetery of the Living Dead

James' Review of 5 tombe per un medium(Tombs of Horror )(Terror-Creatures from the Grave)(Cemetery of the Living Dead

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5 tombe per un medium(Tombs of Horror )(Terror-Creatures from the Grave)(Cemetery of the Living Dead

5 tombe per un medium(Tombs of Horror )(Terro...(1965)

I lucked out yesterday and DIDN'T have to go back to work in the afternoon. I love bad weather in Sept, Oct and Nov. It rains out these awful local sporting events and I don't have to cover them. Anyway, while thinking I was going to have to work I decided on a couple of "bad" movies.

[size=2][b]20. Terror Creatures from the Grave[/b] (a.k.a., [/size][size=2][b]5 Tombe per un Medium[/b]). I watched this B&W film from 1965 while cleaning up around the house. It's actually an okay italian ghost story with some nice ideas and gothic visuals. A dead guy's estate is being settled but unfortunately it's unsettled as to weather the dead guy's ghost is settled on all this settling. I'll pay more attention to it next time because it seems to have some genuine creepiness. There's some nice sex scenes that could be a good way to introduce your children to the subject (so they'll be more inclined to avoid it). That cheesy title shouldn't stop anybody from giving it a go. It's available very cheaply and certianly worth what I paid (about 60 cents). 7/10


21. Next I felt like a silly bit of American International cheese from 1977. [b]Empire of the Ants[/b] featuring a cast comprised of the entire celebrity panel from the game show [i]Match Game '77[/i]. Only thing missing is Gene Rayburn with that big as[i]s[/i] microphone...


Goofy isn't the half of it with [b]EotA[/b]. When "special" effects guy Bert I. Gordon pulls out the process shots you know you're in for something special. I imagine how great the shoot on this probably was. With Bert explaining where the ants would be and how horrified the actor should look when he sees those nasty Arthropods of Death!! :D The whole thing reminds me of a Fantasy Island episode that when wrong. Truly, this is one of the more rediculous (read: funny) AI pictures. I also recommend the slightly funnier [i]Frogs [/i]about a group of stupid people getting killed by...erm, well, frogs. :D I'd hate to slam the source material having not read the original H.G. Wells story, but the ending to this could be the dumbest thing I've ever seen. 4/10 (bad movie upgrade 8/10)

Joan enjoys a snog with her co-star. :D


Well, after finding out I didn't have to work I pulled out the good ones.

[b]22. Last House on the Left[/b] from 1972. I was holding this movie wondering why I was holding it. I put the tape in my VCR wondering why I was putting it in the VCR. I pressed play wondering why THE FCUK I was pressing play!!! This film is brutal and deals with torture and rape. I'd only watched it once before and felt icky when it was over. But after about 3 or 4 years I wanted to experience it again. Turns out it's "easier" to take upon second viewing. There's actually a lot of important messages trying to come through about violence in the world and how easy it is be be a victim of society's misfits. There is some odd black comedy vibes going on here. The obvious comic relief cops are weclome. And the final 3rd is pretty cool for gore fans. An oddity, but influential. 8/10


23. Needed something "lite" after [i]Last House[/i]. The [b]Rebirth of Mothra[/b] from 1996 was childish, colorful and perfect for my needs. I loved it. The scoring was surprisingly superb. I also liked the old school effects quite a bit. A truly relaxing time with some familiar characters and more. I really liked the monster [/size]Desghidorah which is a three-headed creature on 4 legs, a moving tail and eventually it sprouts wings too! It's truly a wonder to behold! No, really. I wonder how many crew are stuffed in that thing. It can't be just one guy in that suit. Anyway, it's all very satisfying. I'm glad I recorded this and it's 2 sequels on a tape from Sci-Fi Channel years ago. I predict me buying this one on DVD for myself and my little neices who've probably never seen anything like this before. 8/10