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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Sin City

Sin City(2005)

Again, plenty of reviews out there, so I'll keep it quick.

Clive Owen [i]and [/i]Rosario Dawson. Together.




Will probably be the best comic-to-film adaptation of the year, and for once, having the creator's name as part of the title (Don't listen on RT, the on-screen title is [i]Frank Miller's Sin City[/i]) is accurate and deserved.

Judging from some other reviews, I may have to defend this one, but I hope I won't feel the need. It's a beautifully grimy near-masterpiece, as close to a cinematic adaptation of any comic you're likely to get. It also made me think that a film adaptation of [i]Stray Bullets[/i] might not me such a bad idea.