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Justin's Review of Closer

12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


[size=3][color=black]Finally, a movie about love where love isn't the saviour, where love doesn't conquer all, where love isn't the end-all and be-all of existance. "Closer" is a film about the darker side of love and relationships, about how love can hurt and cut, about how people can turn it into pain. Now, that isn't to say that "Closer" is a downer or a through and through drama. It isn't. There are laughs to be had, and there are moments where you can see and sense the genuine affection that these characters have for each other. But in the end the relationships they find themselves in are not what they ever expected, not what they wanted, and because of that this film brings a more realistic portrait of what real life love is than any movie I can remember. We all have this romantic notion of what love is supposed to be, built up by too many Valentine's Day cards and Meg Ryan movies, but here love is something that can and make you bleed and cry, that can reveal who you really are. The film is about truth, both in the emotions we feel and how we express them. For all of them love brings them up, and truth sets them free, but whether or not that is all a good thing is lleft up to you.