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Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The best movie of the summer 2001. Great balance of story, action and comedy. Story could be better explain in parts.
They took some good episodes in the cartoons to get the story here. 9.5 is the best score!!!!

Too long? Did you people watch the other two? They were long too right. So stop complaining about something you knew before watch the movie.

Sam's character can not act that much?, well again ..... Did you guys like the other two movies or watch them?

3D makes the movie better ..... Great action sequences .....

Again I hear people complaining about that they don't know what's going on in the movie. Really? Are you people blind or something? ..... Some close camaras some times but besides that you know whats happening all the time.

My Name Is Khan

Who ever said that this movie is unrealistic, is being living in Alice in wonderland. I am a special needs professional and latino and I know what prejudice is. some reviewers said that the director took so long for his message but if you watch the same movie I watched. The first part of the movie is explaining how an autistic person fight adversity and progress in live and find love. The second part is obviously about how ignorant and prejudice people can be about race and religion and with the power of love he overcome every obstacle. One of the best drama I ever seen and I know some people is going to be off with some political stuff and miss the message. For me was wonderful!!!!!

X-Men: First Class

A great prequel to the already done movie series!!!!! Fassbender was awesome as Magneto, MAcvoy great as Xavier Lawrence great as Mistique and Kevin Bacon could be better as Shaw. Some good cameos in the movie!!!!! Love it!!!! 95%

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

The best fantasy, medieval, sequel I ever seen. All the characters from Frodo, Sam to Aragon and Legolas made this movie unforgetable. Great battles, Great memorable scenes and more and more. The best music score ever.


One of the best movies I ever seen! Epic, well acted, great action and a lot of moments I never forget.


The best movie experience that I ever had in the movie theater and probably the best used of 3D you gonna see in a decade. Still impressive in blue-ray. The story maybe familiar for some but the way James Cameron put it on screen is even better than Titanic. Its hard for some people find the greatness and the importance of this movie in the technical aspects of movies industry but I saw it.