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Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas

Kirk Cameron is a talentless hack. Proof? Just watch this piece of heavy handed Christian propaganda.

Last Ounce of Courage

Garbage for the brainwashed.

Drive Angry
Drive Angry(2011)

I am a fan of b movies and grindhouse cinema. This film is a homage to the great trashy films that fit that genre.

Cage is in Cage form here doing a slow burn for the length of the film. The best example being the sex scene shoot out. This is so self conscience that it actually comes around full circle to a place of twisted enlightenment. Cage never even breaks a sweat!

Amber Heard shows Megan Fox how its really done. She not only stands out as eye candy but also has the audacity to kick ass...really kick ass.

With a title like Drive Angry naturally you'd expect a lot of hot and heavy Vanishing Point style action. Well, oddly enough, the film is light in that department. There are car chases but not near enough of them and the ones they do have are not sustained nor are they over the top enough. There is more action outside the cars than in them.

But what cars!!

Playing the part of the accountant is William Fichter. He owns this role in away that makes it hard to think of anyone else doing it. I love the ending of the film when Fichter and Cage finally do face off. The end result is unpredictable and satisfying.

As for the 3D, well its sharp as a tack with some real stand out moments. Unfortunately sometimes the camera moves too much and the end result is not good. Avatar and Tron did it right 100% of the time. Drive Angry about 80%. Seems the Director, Patrick Lussier, forgot he was shooting a 3D film in those instances.

Overall I had a ball. If you enjoy last years Piranha remake then this film should be on your list. They are both cut from the same sleazy cloth.


I didn't find this film or the character of Salt very involving. Its just a remake of the Fugitive with a Russian accent. Good action scenes looking for a better plot.



This film moved me to tears.

Nothing more to say but war is hell.

Lets bring our boys home.

Exit Through The Gift Shop

I had a ball watching this film. Really brings to the fore the question of what is art. Also makes a strong statement as to the power of hype.

A lot has been said about this film so I'm just going to ad one point...

Banksy rules.

Watch the film already.

The Tillman Story

Hard to believe that there was I time, no too long ago, when enlisting in the military was the surest way to get the stamp "loser" across your forehead.

Times have changed.

This movie is moving, infuriating and, above all, an indictment of the media machine that convinced a whole generation to enlist and go kill the bad guys. The manipulation the government feeds the media is welcomely gobbled up by the masses eager to wave a flag and accept every problem as black and white with the solution always being that the USA is always right.

Not this time thanks to the Tillman family.

A must watch doc.


I would give this a 75% rating if I could. Since I admire the effort that the film makers made in creating this film I'm gonna round up for this one.

I guess I have to start with the fact that there is not a lot of screen time devoted to the creatures in Monsters.

Notice I said creatures.

I don't believe the creatures are the real monsters in this film. That said, yes, this is a film with a political statement at its heart.

Which is fine with me.

Acting is fine. Really enjoyed Whitney Able. She should be moving on to bigger things based on what I saw here. (She is also very attractive...grrr!)Scoot McNairy plays the male lead and does a good, if not stand out job.

Good tension with top notch FX...all the more startling because it was done on a home computer using over-the-counter software. Understand that almost everything you see in the background is CGI. The tanks, ruble, planes, road signs and, of course, the creatures.

Speaking of the creatures, I thought they looked great. Kind of like an octopus crossed with a horse....almost Lovecraftian.

Is it anti-climatic? Yeah, a little. But I enjoyed the point it made in the ending.

See it for what it is not for what it isn't.


This was a surprisingly touching and sad documentary.

I will not give the film away here and I would advise that going in you should know as little about this film as possible.

I will add this, this is not a thriller. It is a study of the human condition and how social networking can play into it.

Regardless of what others believe, based on all available information, it is 100% true.

The DVD has a great Q&A with the film makers. Watch this after the film for more info.


This film deserved a theatrical release.

Better than it should've been, Defendor treads the same ground as Kick Ass. Both films appear to be, based on the trailers, comedies.

They are not...though they both have comedic moments.

Of the two Defendor is darker and more grounded in reality. Herrelson is superb as is Kat Dennings.

Very touching.


All I can say is, for my money, Kick Ass is better than TDK and Watchmen.

Grounded, more or less, in the real world, Kick Ass gives its heroes a real sense of mortality. Anyone can die and violence is just around the corner.

I don't want to give this film a plot brakedown but to compare it to TDK, Watchmen and Kill Bill wouldn't be too much of a stretch.

Oh, in case you haven't heard, Hit Girl ROCKS!!

See this one ASAP!

The Crazies
The Crazies(2010)

This was a solid remake and pretty good thriller. Nothing fancy, just good 'ol blood and guts film making. The cast was believable as were the Iowa locations. A good scare here and there and plenty of tension.

I decent film.


Charlie Bartlett

As I was watching this film I was thinking, this is the film Ferris Bueller (not one of my favorite films, also about a 70%) could've been...that is until the third act when it made the same mistake FB made.

Trying to be too serious.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


2 1/2 of much ado about nothing.

Public Enemies

This movie was just about an inch from being great. If it had dug that extra inch deeper into the storytelling and acting it would have been flawless.

As it is it is still pretty good.

I found parts of the film could have used more fleshing out.

Mann assumes way too much. I saw this film with someone, over 40 and HAS LIVED IN CHICAGO THEIR WHOLE LIFE, who had never heard of Dillinger! This made watching scenes like the prison break with the gun made out of soap a bit confusing for her to watch. Not enough about what was going on was made clear. She was asking me where he got the gun from. Mann could have set the scene up better with a little exposition.

As for the film as a whole, I thought it was well shot...great period look. Violent and brutal at times but not extremely gory. Some of the cgi was weak in the blood and gun shot wound effects.

Wow, those tommy guns looked cool at night though!

The acting was good if a little understated at times. Because of this the drama felt distant and a bit sterile. This kept parts of the movie at arms length.

A few more scenes with the other gangsters and Dillinger would have been nice too. Could have helped to flesh out characters like Pretty Boy Floyd and enriched the film.


The truth is, I rate this about a 95% but I'll rate 100% just for the benefit of the doubt...its Pixar after all.

This film was the first 3D film I've seen that didn't use the process as a gimmick, it seem to be a natural extension of the storytelling. The opening short, as well as the film itself, were surprisingly touching.

High wow factor.

If Pixar can do this, why can't anyone else?