AtomicCow's Rating of 2016: Obama's America

Atomic's Review of 2016: Obama's America

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
2016: Obama's America

2016: Obama's America(2012)

I literally waited to see who came out of the theater after and half the audience were eligible for AARP. A surprising number of who could have been 70 or 80 were there. Which suggests to me seniors are more prone to fear Obama. They are also more prone to have a fear of communism and creeping socialism due to living through the fifties and sixties. Watching the Democratic Convention clearly there are now platform planks that affirm things they were assured wouldn't happen under Obama are happening. They have reason to dislike Obama regarding him protecting their interests of what America should value. However the Documentary is stoking the furnace with truths that will largely only ring true to people willing and wanting to believe them. A person motivated by anti-colonialism is really strained as is his supposition that he managed to win only because he learned being a well behaved black boy who didn't assume whites were prejudice was a super power catapult that would put him in the White House. It ignores Obama's well detailed written and spoken goals and reasons in favor of coloring it with D'Sousa's prefered overlay. I believe the film to be a C grade school paper where he came up with a thesis and it was his task to lay down evidence to prove it right. I thought it pretty stupid, but not as evil, dishonest and chicken hearted as Moore's Farenheit 9/11