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W.c. Fields And Me

I think it definitely was a labor of love for Steiger. I loved the book.
I didn't like Steiger's accent which was cartoony.impersonation of Fields
Fields never delivered his lines in such a loud extended drawl. He was softer and often delivered his lines in Popeye-like mumbles.. It feels particularly awkward here when he is doing Fields in real world moments like a circus showman. To Steiger's credit I suppose this is what most people think W.C. Fields sounded like. I wish it made more use of the many colorful stories from the book.Fields told to bamboozle and entertain. It very much plays up his relationship with Barrymore and his drinking buddies which is pretty good and an act of betrayal towards Miss Monti. What he did is probably not what you are thinking. Its a sincere and entertaining enough to get you through if you have an interest in Fields. You will know a little more of the man. But its a little Hollywoodized and doesn't paint as colorful a picture as the book which is a breezy read.


I liked this! Looks like the percentages have deservedly come up a little bit. This was a new and different story. I'd read the book which left me cold until it came together at the end and I wound up loving it. The movie was true to all the best aspects of the book, while adding twists that I thought worked well to keep you entertained. Loved most all of the changes! A couple of really funny moments and some good acting in my personal opinion. Maybe this wasn't the typical Hollywood story we are used to, I thought the relationship between Portia (Tina Fey) and John (Paul Rudd) could have been a little more fleshed out. In the book, she was his crush in college though she couldn't even remember him. I just like this was one I'd never heard before. Totally worth watching...especially if you go in like I did expecting 12% critic and 27% audience ratings that were the last I'd seen. I was actually delighted by both the book and movie. :)

2016: Obama's America

I literally waited to see who came out of the theater after and half the audience were eligible for AARP. A surprising number of who could have been 70 or 80 were there. Which suggests to me seniors are more prone to fear Obama. They are also more prone to have a fear of communism and creeping socialism due to living through the fifties and sixties. Watching the Democratic Convention clearly there are now platform planks that affirm things they were assured wouldn't happen under Obama are happening. They have reason to dislike Obama regarding him protecting their interests of what America should value. However the Documentary is stoking the furnace with truths that will largely only ring true to people willing and wanting to believe them. A person motivated by anti-colonialism is really strained as is his supposition that he managed to win only because he learned being a well behaved black boy who didn't assume whites were prejudice was a super power catapult that would put him in the White House. It ignores Obama's well detailed written and spoken goals and reasons in favor of coloring it with D'Sousa's prefered overlay. I believe the film to be a C grade school paper where he came up with a thesis and it was his task to lay down evidence to prove it right. I thought it pretty stupid, but not as evil, dishonest and chicken hearted as Moore's Farenheit 9/11


The high ratings for this film surprise me. The villain's plot depends entirely on the girl going mad and acting in a certain way at the right time or the whole thing unravels. If there is one quality that defines someone going mad is they will behave unpredictably. If she were at any moment to behave with a flash of rationality the whole plot unravels. I find the whole experience eye-rolling.