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Once (2007)
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

"What's the Czech for 'Do you love him'?"


So I've just seen a movie that I feel I must comment on. The movie is 'Once' and it's a modern-day musical romance set in Ireland. I will skip the synopsis because all I really want to say is this is a beautiful movie.

The relationship between the two lead characters (who are unnamed) is beautiful and moving and sad. Just look up the meaning of the Czech used by the Girl to respond to the Guy when he asks her the question above in Czech. It's truly heartbreaking, especially after having seen the rest of the film.

The music is beautiful. The lyrics fit well with the movie and the songs have so much more impact because of it. I really like the singer-songwriter type of music that is displayed in this movie anyways so it was natural that I would love the music.

I also found the setting of this movie to be beautiful. I've never been to Dublin before but it really shines in this movie. Even some of the less affluent areas of the city we see have their own unique beauty.

It's a great movie.