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Paul's Review of 'Breaker' Morant

7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
'Breaker' Morant

'Breaker' Morant(1980)

In many ways, this film single-handedly put Australian films on the map way back in 1980. A courageously told anti-war film, Breaker Morant contains some great action, tense courtroom drama, and terrific performances by the three leads, including one of the great courtroom speeches by Jack Thompson as Major Thomas, the defense attorney.

The film also raises interesting moral questions when warfare was becoming more and more brutal, and the first real guerilla war was being fought. The real question of good vs. evil can start with the events depicted here, and its clear from the start that its not easy to decide what's the right choice in warfare.

It's also an era that not many people know anything about, and that makes it even more interesting to watch today. In this era where guerrilla warfare and terrorism are commonplace, it would be good to remember the lessons of Breaker Morant and his fellows.